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WHY protection in chess called Sicilian

Chess as they are

Not many games can boast of more ancient origin than chess - they have been known since the sixth century BC.

Arabic East, Asia, Byzantium, Europe, Africa - people of all nations and nationalities with interest acquainted with the rules of the game in which a lot of subtleties.

In chess, to distinguish between the debut - the beginning of the game,middlegame - middle and ending - the ending. At each stage, there are many options for the development and the end of the game, and not humanly possible to calculate the position of all the pieces on the board. And so the game becomes more interesting, the more uncertainty there. Various openings even have their own names, for example, the Sicilian Defense.

Protection after the Sicilian

A bit strange, but the first mention ofSicilian Defense is given in the book is not sitsiliantsa. Even in 1497 a Luis Ramirez Lucena, born in Spain and master schahmatam, wrote the book "The repetition of the love and the art of the game of chess."

The Spaniards did not have too much to chess, but it was the Spaniard owns the first-ever description of the Sicilian Defence.

This work consists of two parts, the first ofwhich in chess is not relevant. But in the second provides detailed analysis of the rules of the game with eleven openings, as well as the 150 problems, collected by the author during his life.
It is noteworthy that this work is the first printed guide to chess. The book was published in small quantities and do not have a significant impact on the development of the game.

Italy - a country of sun and strong players

It was only at the beginning of the seventeenth century appeared onlight is the strongest player, a brilliant representative of the Italian chess school, Gioacchino Greco. He was born in Calabria and received the appropriate nickname - kalabriets. Much did Greco for the promotion of sports, touring in the royal courts of Spain, England and France.
In addition, Gioacchino marked as the authorhandwritten writings on chess, where the said hundreds of parties. In particular, such analyzes made debuts as the Royal Gambit and the Italian party. In a game characterized by strong pressure, the ability to sacrifice for the sake of winning the figures over time, to mobilize and organize the attack on the enemy king.
In the last years of his life was when Madridthe courtyard of King Philip IV. It is in his honor and was named the debut - the Sicilian defense. The role of the master is so huge that in his honor Chess Federation even established a Medal Greco. Incidentally, among the first winners was our compatriot, Mikhail Botvinnik.

The essence of the protection

The debut in the classic version begins as e2-e4 c7-c5. The basis for further development are asymmetrical positions, castling versatile, sharp tactical fight.

Sicilian Defence will suit you if you prefer assertive style of play.

Typically Sicilian defense apply those players,who prefer the rapid development, willing to make sacrifices and skillful quickly gain an advantage. There are open, semi-open and closed Sicilian defense.

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