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WHY privilege

Why privilege - a sworn enemy of the right?

The privilege is considered a sworn enemy of the law.

This opinion is credited with the famous Austrian writer of the nineteenth century M. Ebner-Eschenbach.

For unknown reasons, this statement many perceive as the aphorism, which in fact has not been proved and is not fully understood.

The right implies generally binding setrules and standards of conduct necessary for optimal ability to live a civilized society and binding. This concept is rather complicated, ambiguous and has several meanings. On the one hand, civil law implies some benefit to society as a whole, but in some cases may limit the right of any individual. Compliance with these rules is under the guidance of the state.

In turn, the franchise has some other identification. Privilege refers to the right, which is owned by individuals, groups or classes. In other words, this right is not available to all.

The significance of these two notions speaks volumes. In fact, the right and the privilege to represent freedom of action. The difference between them is only in the fact that the law requires to act, but a privilege implies certain advantages, resulting in may infringe the rights of other people. That is why the privilege is called the enemy of law.

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