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WHY police renamed the police

Why police renamed the police

Both terms - "Police" and "Police" - have Latin roots, the first of which is translated as "militia", and the second comes from the word "polis" - city.

In most Western countries, publicService maintenance of public order in the cities called the police. In our country, in 1917, they formed the people's workers and peasants' militia, which in essence were spontaneous armed militia designed to normalize the post-revolutionary situation.

Prerequisites for renaming

As part of the 2010 reform of the Interior Ministry, the currentRussian President Dmitry Medvedev was asked to rename the police to police. Voiced the reason was the need for effective working professionals in the field. But the definition of "militia", according to Dmitry Anatolyevich, reduces law enforcement officials to "vigilantes in uniform", which existed nearly a century ago.

The concept of "police", according to the DA Medvedev, raises the bar of responsibility and discipline of law enforcement.

It was emphasized that the concept of "police" should bring a new professional ideology at the forefront would place the rights and freedoms of citizens, protection of public order and combating crime.


63% of our population, according toVTsIOM polls in August 2010, opposed the renaming, the majority voted against noted that the organization of the name change will have no effect. And 15% of respondents are pessimistic stated that the changes will only be for the worse.

The prospect of renaming the law enforcement agencies has caused skeptical reaction, and a flurry of criticism.

Many politicians and officials is also quitesharply spoke of "On Police" law. They appealed to the fact that in the minds of citizens historically and culturally formed a negative connotation of the new name, what were the policemen of the Great Patriotic War, the pre-revolutionary tsarist police, in itself, the expression "police state", etc.
A separate subject for criticism steel costs"Rebranding", after the replacement of signs on buildings, stickers on cars, cards, badges and renewal of property rights on buildings belonging to the police, buildings and complexes were treated in an impressive amount of national budget: nearly two billion rubles.
However, the answer to the question "Why?" Is understandable to the average Russian citizen. But the answer to the question "Why?" Will remain unknown to the general public.

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