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WHY the physicist is considered one of the basic sciences


Why is physics considered one of the basic sciences</a>

The whole human life is surrounded by many different phenomena.

Scientists-physicists are engaged in the study of these phenomena-their mathematical tools are the mathematical formulas and achievements of predecessors.

Natural phenomena

The study of nature helps us to treatAvailable resources, discover new sources of energy. So, geothermal springs heat almost all of Greenland. The very word "physics" goes back to the Greek root "physis", which means "nature". Thus, physics itself is the science of nature and natural phenomena.

Forward, to the future!

Often physicists in the literal sense "ahead of time"Discovering laws that find application only for decades (and even centuries) later. Nikola Tesla discovered the laws of electromagnetism, which find application in our day. Pierre and Maria Curie discovered radium with little or no support, in conditions unthinkable for the modern scholar. Their discoveries helped save tens of thousands of lives. Now physicists all over the world are focused on the questions of the universe (macrocosm) and the smallest particles of matter (nanotechnology, microcosm).

Understanding the world

The most important engine of mankind iscuriosity. That is why experiments in the Big Andron Collider are of such high importance and are sponsored by an alliance of 60 states. There is a real opportunity to reveal the secrets of mankind.
Physics is a fundamental science. This means that any discoveries of physics can be used in other areas of science and technology. Small discoveries in one industry can dramatically affect the entire "neighboring" industry in its entirety. In physics, the practice of research groups of scientists from different countries is popular, the policy of assistance and cooperation is adopted.
The mystery of the universe, matter troubled the greatPhysicist Albert Einstein. He proposed a theory of relativity, explaining that the fields of gravity distort the space and time. The apogee of the theory was the famous formula E = m * C * C, which connects energy with mass.

Union with Mathematics

Physics relies on the latest mathematicalinstruments. Often, mathematicians open up abstract formulas, deriving new equations from existing ones, applying higher levels of abstraction and the laws of logic, making bold hypotheses. Physicists follow the development of mathematics, and sometimes the scientific discoveries of abstract science help explain the previously unknown natural phenomena.
It happens the other way round - physical discoveries pushMathematicians to create hypotheses and a new logical apparatus. The connection between physics and mathematics - one of the most important scientific disciplines reinforces the authority of physics.

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