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WHY photographer day is celebrated on July 12

Why photographer day is celebrated on July 12

Feast day of the photographer July 12 coincides with the day of St. Veronica, and this is no accident.

There is a legend that linked two seemingly quite distant events.

The legend says

July 12 is the day of the photographer and the holy dayVeronica, who is the patroness of photos. Legend tells us that when Jesus followed on the way to Calvary and strength left him under the weight of the cross, Veronica handed him a handkerchief to wipe his face.
Returning home Veronica unfolded handkerchiefI saw the face of a saint, will appear on the cloth. Since then, a scarf, famous as the Holy Face image is in Rome. In memory of this miracle, many professional photographers and amateurs celebrate their feast day of the saint.

From the history

In Russia this holiday is celebrated not so long ago, butits scale is growing every year. In the history of the profession of photographer is mentioned already in 1839, when Louis Daguerre at the meeting of the Academy of Sciences in Paris presented the newest method of image capture. After that, a long time photography has been neglected as an aesthetic creation. Photographers spend a lot of effort and imagination to create a picture.

Even then, installation and use overlay prints with a few negatives.

In the XIX century, with the advent of relatively lightsurveying apparatus and simpler methods for printing pictures, I began to develop a photographic journalism. Since then the concept appears photographer profession. There are two trends in the development of photography: a realistic and creative.
In 1912, the first professional photo studio was registered in Denmark by six press photographers. More often than not here working on images for periodicals.

For the time were the most relevant social problems, social inequality, poverty, exploitation of child labor. These vital questions most often appear.

Under the photographs in the newspapers did not specify the names of the authors of the pictures.
The current photo journalism had limitlesspossible with the invention of compact cameras. Even the appearance in Germany in 1914, 35-millimeter "watering can", has made great adjustments, not only in the work of photographers, but also in all spheres of science and art.
The new invention has allowed photographers to seefamiliar objects in other, more daring angles and rather empower them. The outlines and shapes in space have become more voluminous. In XX century, with the advent of instant photography method that does not require any special image processing skills crawled talk about what the photographer profession becomes primitive. But in our time, technological progress, the true profession of the photographer, still finds a place in the Arts category.

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