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WHY is the photographer's day celebrated on July 12


The holiday of the photographer's day on July 12 coincides with the day of Saint Veronica and it is not accidental.

There is a legend that related seemingly two completely remote events.

The legend says

July 12 is the day of the photographer and the day of the saintVeronica, who is the patroness of photography. The legend tells that when Jesus followed the road to Calvary and the forces left him under the weight of the cross, Veronica handed him a handkerchief to wipe her face.
Returning home, Veronica unfolded her handkerchief andSaw a holy face, reflected on the fabric. Since then, the handkerchief, famous as the Holy Face, is in Rome. In memory of this miracle, many professional photographers and just amateurs celebrate their holiday on the day of this saint.

From the history

In Russia, this holiday is celebrated not so long ago, butIts scale is growing every year. In history, the photographer's profession is mentioned already in 1839, when Louis Daguerre, at the meeting of the Academy of Sciences in Paris, presented the newest method of fixing images. After that, a long time photography was not given due attention as an aesthetic creativity. Photographers spent a lot of energy and imagination, creating a picture.

Even then, the installation and the imposition of prints from several negatives were used.

In the XIX century, with the advent of relatively lightFilm cameras and more simple methods of printing pictures, photographic journalism began to develop. Since then, the concept of a profession as a photographer has appeared. There are two trends in the development of photography: realistic and creative.
In 1912, six photo reporters in Denmark registered the first professional photo studio. Most often, they worked on images for periodicals.

For that time, the most urgent problems of society, social inequality, poverty, exploitation of child labor. These pressing questions were most often displayed.

Under the photographs in the newspapers, the names of the authors of the photographs were not even mentioned.
The current photo journalism has received boundlessPossibilities with the invention of a small-sized camera. Already the appearance in Germany of a 35-mm "watering can" in 1914, made great adjustments not only to the work of photographers, but also to all spheres of science and art.
The new invention allowed photographers to seeHabitual objects in other, more daring foreshortenings and greatly expanded their capabilities. The outlines and forms in space have become more voluminous. In the 20th century, with the advent of the method of instant photography, which does not require any special skills in image processing, the talk that the photographer's profession is becoming primitive began to proliferate. But in our time of technical progress, the true profession of the photographer, still finds a place in the category of arts.

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