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Why people do not fear death


Some people experience an overwhelming fear of death. Realizing that it is inevitable ever come, such individuals may fall into despondency, sadness and even panic.

At the same time other members of humanity are intended to end his life more calmly.

If you are overcome by the fear of death, and the thought of the imminent end of your real poison, try to change their attitude towards the future and adjust their own behavior.

The fullness of life

Do not fear death are those people who live to the fullest. It is important to enjoy each day we live and even a moment, to realize their own abilities and talents, to achieve the desired and be with the people you love and that you cherish.
Otherwise, you will join the group of thosepeople who do not live and exist. They are floundering and wasting their lives on trifles. Such individuals are rushing from one entertainment or enjoyment to another, throwing the way to his dream at the slightest obstacle and do not dare to claim the most that they already have.
Expand your horizons, do not be afraid to live andfeel. And then you will not have the feeling that life is passing, and the world did not disclose to you the best that there is. Understand, it is a feeling of lived in vain time leads to the fear of dying.

And those who are doing everything possible to take everything from life, belong to the future end of life more philosophically.

Death is like a dream

Some people do not fear death because theyunderstand that when death comes, they will not be, and are afraid of what is not meaningless. It's quite simple and logical statement, and if you look into it, the fear of death recedes. When a person dies, it sinks into eternal sleep and did not feel no pain, no fear, no worries.

Treat death as an infinite peace and cease to be afraid.

kind Continued

There are people who belong to the deaths of more thanquietly with the appearance of their children and then grandchildren. They see their offspring continued themselves and realize that with the onset of the death of pieces of their personality and soul will continue to live offspring.
Children and grandchildren take a lot from their mothers,dads and grandparents. Appearance, character, intelligence - all of this is a combination of the genes of their ancestors. Therefore, a person who has the kind of successors, can overcome the fear of death.

No fear

Finally, there are people who do notexperience fear at all. They do not fear nor height, nor darkness, neither disease nor death. On the contrary, these individuals feel the need to constantly be in extreme situations. So people in life do not have enough adrenaline and the fear of them not knowing.

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