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Why are people sad

Why are people sad

Sadness can be light and painful, light and oppressive, fleeting and very strong, turning into sadness and gloom.

This feeling is familiar to many, but the reasons why people are sad, very extensive and varied.

Where does the sadness

Despite the fact that sadness and grief are familiarmany describe this condition is difficult. According to experts, psychologists, sadness is an emotional response to something negative, representing a short and not very profound experience. Often grief is not even caused by events that took place in real life, but only reflections on them. At the pessimistic people's sadness may even accompany the plans - they advance doubt in their abilities and capabilities, ranging mourn already before the start of an important cause. Sadness can be a part of nostalgia, when people recall the events of the past days, feeling a vague sadness because they can not come back.
The causes of sadness, are very diverse. If some people are faced with serious troubles in life, do not lose heart, maintaining optimism, the other is enough to become unwitting witnesses to something not very pleasant to hear a minor or music to vzgrustnut. Most susceptible sadness emotionally unstable people, but on the other hand, the feeling they did not stay long, quickly replaced by other sensations.

"My grief is light"

There are many pieces of music,as well as movies or books, causing sad emotions. Despite the fact that the sensations they evoke not the most joyful, their popularity is very high. What is the secret of such a demand for "minor" art? Perhaps it attracts people the opportunity to experience the feeling, though not very pleasant, but associated with important periods of his life. Almost everyone over the course of life were so-called "black bars". However, as we know, the darkest night before the dawn, and after a painful periods, sooner or later there comes a neutral or more positive. Surviving under the influence of sad music or movie sadness, nostalgia, or even depression, people are trying to normalize their emotional state - in all, according to experts, should be a balance. Man can not always be joyful or sad, emotions tend to change each other.

When sadness will harm

However, if sadness passes, and compounded andPeople are no longer able to determine the causes of the condition, you may need the help of experts. If sadness is considered rather a touch of sentiment, the dejection or anxiety, in which it can go, can also affect the physical health. Light sadness that from time to time a person experiences, are not considered a serious symptom. But when people start to feel the apathy, sadness and gloom, it may indicate the beginning of the depression. If you have any of these conditions, especially if the person responds poorly to attempts by others "shake" it, and to deduce from this situation, it is better to seek help from a psychologist.

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