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Why people are sad</a>

Sadness can be light and painful, light and oppressive, fleeting and very strong, turning into melancholy and despondency.

This feeling is familiar to many, and the reasons why people are sad, are very extensive and diverse.

Where does sadness come from?

Despite the fact that sadness and sadness are familiarMany people, to describe this state is quite difficult. According to psychologists, sadness is an emotional response to something negative, representing a short-term and not very deep experience. Often sadness is caused not even by events that occurred in real life, but only reflections on them. In pessimistic people, sadness can even accompany plans - they doubt their abilities and capabilities beforehand, beginning to mourn even before the beginning of an important matter. Sadness can also be a part of nostalgia, when people remember the events of the past days, experiencing a vague sorrow because they can not be returned.
The causes of sadness are very diverse. If some people, faced with serious life troubles, do not lose heart, while remaining optimistic, then it is enough for others to become involuntary witnesses of something not the most pleasant or to hear minor music in order to become sad. Emotionally unstable people are the most susceptible to sadness, although, on the other hand, this feeling does not stay with them for a long time, quickly changing to other sensations.

"My grief is light"

There are many musical works,As well as movies or books that cause sad emotions. Despite the fact that the sensations they cause are not the most joyful, their popularity is very high. What is the secret of the demand for such a "minor" art? Perhaps people are attracted by the opportunity to experience feelings, albeit not very pleasant, but related to important periods of their lives. Almost everyone during the life journey had the so-called "black stripes". However, as is known, the night is darkest before dawn, and after the painful periods, sooner or later neutral or more positive occurs. Experiencing sadness, nostalgia or even melancholy under the influence of a sad music or movie, people try to normalize their emotional background - in everything, experts say, there must be a balance. A person can not always be happy or sad, emotions tend to change each other.

When sadness can do much harm

However, if sadness does not pass, but aggravated, andPeople are no longer able to determine the causes of their condition, it may require the help of specialists. If sadness is considered a shade of mood, then the despondency or anxiety in which it can move, can affect the physical well-being. The mild sadness experienced from time to time by a person is not considered a serious symptom. But in those cases when people begin to feel apathy, melancholy and despondency, this may indicate the onset of depression. If such conditions occur, especially if a person does not give in to the attempts of others to "shake" him and get out of this situation, it is better to seek help from a psychologist.

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