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WHY Orthodox venerate the relics of saints

Why Orthodox venerate the relics of saints

In the Christian world there are many different shrines.

One of the most revered of them are relics of saints.

These shrines especially loved by the Orthodox people.

The main reason for the veneration of the relics of saintsIt is the fact of the Incarnation. The Lord Jesus Christ took the human body, consecrated the human corporeality. Now it is impossible in any aspects agree with the ancient pagan assertion that the body - a prison of the soul.

According to the Holy Scriptures, a person may beTemple of the Holy Spirit. It says that the saints of God have received special divine grace that has done all the saints human personality. Thus, we can say that the saints are not only the soul but also the body. That is why Orthodox Christians is a special reverence for the relics of saints.

The veneration and reverential respectthe relics of saints is not only expressed in worship and kiss the shrines, but in careful storage of relics, the erection of numerous churches and chapels on them, as well as the establishment of various ecclesial celebrations for the attainment of shrines. In addition, it should be noted especially the practice of embedding particles in the holy relics of the corporal, which is located on the holy throne in the altar of the Orthodox church.

It should be noted also that in the Orthodoxtradition holds worship of so-called secondary relics. Reverent touching and kissing can be addressed not only to the body of the holy man, but also the remains of his clothing. For example, a special sense of reverence and awe believers suffer from touching the Belt of the Blessed Virgin Mary or other saints particles of clothing. Even in the first centuries of Christianity used opayasaniya and handkerchiefs of the Apostle Paul for healing diseases and casting out demons from people.

Currently, there is also plenty of evidence of miracles that took place with people, after touching the relics of saints. Many believers have received and have asked for prayer before the relics.

Thus, we can note the main reasonsOrthodox believers veneration of the relics of saints: prayer of the holy memory, expressed in reverent worship moscham- believer desire to join the divine grace of the relics of the saint, as well as the hope of the faithful to receive miraculous help in various physical and mental ailments.

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