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WHY the Orthodox worship relics of saints


Why do Orthodox people revere the relics of saints</a>

In the Christian world, there are many different shrines.

Among the most revered of them are the relics of the saints of God.

These shrines are especially loved by Orthodox people.

The main reason for venerating the relics of the saintsIs the very fact of the Incarnation. The Lord Jesus Christ received the human body, sanctified human corporeality. Now it is already impossible to agree in any respects with the ancient pagan statement that the body is the dungeon of the soul.

According to the Holy Scripture, a person can beThe temple of the Holy Spirit. This indicates that the holy saints of God received a special divine grace, which made the entire human personality holy. Thus, we can say that the saints can be not only souls, but also bodies. That is why Orthodox Christians have such a special reverential attitude to the relics of saints.

Honoring and reverential respectTo the relics of saints is expressed not only in the worship and kissing of the shrine, but also in the careful keeping of the relics, the erection of numerous churches and chapels over them, and the establishment of various church celebrations for the attainment of sacred objects. In addition, it is necessary to note the special practice of enclosing particles of relics in the holy antimins, which is located on the holy altar in the altar of the Orthodox church.

It should be noted that in the OrthodoxTraditions there is a veneration of the so-called secondary relics. A reverential touch and kissing can be addressed not only to the body of the holy man, but also to the remains of his clothes. For example, believers experience a special feeling of reverence and trembling from touching the Belt of the Blessed Virgin Mary or pieces of clothing from other saints. Even in the first centuries of Christianity, the apostle Paul's feathers and handkerchiefs were used to heal illnesses and drive out demons from people.

Nowadays, there are also many evidences of miracles that happened to people after touching the relics of saints. Many believers received and receive praying before the relics.

Thus, it is possible to note the main causesWorship of the relics of the saints of God: the prayerful memory of the saint himself, expressed in a reverent worship of relics, the desire of the believer to join in the divine grace from the relics of the saint, and also the hope of believers to receive miraculous help in various bodily and spiritual ailments.

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