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WHY onion bolting

Why bolting onions

To get a good crop of onions -repki, it is necessary to plant onions -sevok in the earliest periods, even when a lot of spring soil moisture.

Many gardeners are faced with this unpleasant phenomenon.

Planted onion -sevok "runs" in the arrows.



If you bought a bow -sevok spring and do not know inwhat conditions he was kept -Required warm it. This is done so. Scatter onions in a single layer in shallow boxes (boxes) and put in a warm place. For example, near the radiators. Warming up onions for 15 -20 days.
Bolting susceptible mainly large Onion. Such warming will significantly reduce bolting plants.


Onion small diameter of less than 1 cm are usually not subject to bolting. And regardless of the landing period, storage conditions at any temperature - not the shooter throws.
Small onions can be planted in spring and before winter.


You can before planting onions -sevok warm and the sun, weather permitting.
Suffice it a week to take such sunbathing. Just do not leave your Spring Onion for a night on the street. Remember that spring night still cold.


If you heat the bow -sevok failed and arrows were still on the plants break out in their initial stage.
The plants, which continue to emerge new arrow, alas, full of bulbs do not give. This onion greens to use at first. Pulls out a bow from the beds.

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