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WHY the computer is constantly losing time


Why is the computer constantly losing time? </a>

Computers have long ceased to be something amazing. They have every user.

You can play on them, conduct correspondence, do business. In the latter case, it is important that the time of the system clock be accurate.

Otherwise, it threatens with torn timeframes, confusion in documents and so on.

For the accuracy of the system time and other importantSettings in the computer is a separate chip, which needs constant power. Usually, the computer is turned on and off for a certain period of time. When on, the PC receives power from the network in 220V, and in the switched off from a small battery located on the motherboard.

Small but important

When the time goes down every time you turn onComputer and does it haphazardly, most likely the battery on the motherboard requires a replacement. Before this, it is not superfluous to check the condition of the battery. For this:
1. The computer needs to be turned off.
2. Disconnect the power cable from the system unit.
3. Unscrew the screws holding the side cover of the system unit in place.
4. Pull out the lid.
5. Place the system unit on its side.
6. Find the battery itself on the board.
7. Using a screwdriver, carefully fold off the fastener and pull the element out of the connector.
8. Use a voltmeter to check the voltage. Normally it is 3V.
If the readings are far from normal, it's about time.Go to the nearest computer store. And there either the consultant will help you find the right item, or take the old battery with you and find its analog.

When it's not a battery

Battery problems are the most common, butNot the only possible reason for the failure of the system time. There can be several. If after checking the voltmeter everything turned out to be normal, you should pay attention to the following points:
1. The time zone is set incorrectly. If the user lives in the same time zone, and the other is specified on the PC, the system will constantly correct the time for what it considers necessary.
2. The software is beating down time. Some programs have their own time settings. When they start, they configure the computer for their own needs, and as a result, the user suffers. If you carefully monitor the behavior of the installed software when it starts, you can find the problem and fix it.
3.; Viruses. Practice shows that this option does not take the very first place among possible causes of system time failure, but it should not be excluded. All logical disks must be checked for malicious programs, and also enter into a habit and do it on a regular basis.
If you carefully monitor any changes in the operating system, the user will not have problems with chronological accuracy.

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