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WHY does not the computer turn on?


Why the computer does not turn on</a>

A computer is a technically complex system in which there are a large number of components interacting with each other.

Occurrence of malfunction in separate componentsAffects the efficiency of the computer - the problem can cause the computer to stop running and respond to the power button presses.

Cable fault

If after pressing the power button, the computerDo not start up, check the power cord that goes from the mains to the back of the case. Check for damage to the cable. Try to connect the cable to another outlet on the extension cord - it is likely that the cause of the inability to turn on the computer was the failure of a separate outlet or the entire extension cable as a whole.

The plugs of the wire must be firmly inserted into the power supply of the computer from one end and into the outlet from the other.

Power Switch

If the wire is an integer, checkA power switch that must be on the back of the computer next to the cable hole. This lever must be in position I (On). If the button is already in the desired position, turn it off and on again, and then try to start the computer again.

Power Supply

If after performing these operations, the computerIt still does not turn on, the malfunction may be due to a malfunction of the power supply unit or the motherboard. Power supply breakages occur more often. To make sure that everything is in order with the motherboard, remove the computer's side cover by unscrewing the fasteners on the back panel. Disconnect the power cord and check the tightness of all installed loops in the device.
If the above manipulations did not help in eliminating the cause of the breakdown, then you broke the power supply. To replace it, take the case to a service center and order a replacement service.
You can also replace the unit yourselfNutrition at home. To do this, learn the power of the source in watts, having read the documentation to your computer or by studying the sticker on the BP itself.

The necessary information can be found if you remove the side cover of the case.

Then buy the device in any computer accessories store. By power, the PSU must match your previous device.
After purchase you will need to installPower supply to computer. To do this, again remove the side cover of the battery and disconnect all loops that go from the old power supply to the motherboard. Remember the location of the disconnected wires, then remove the power source and install a new one in accordance with the mountings on the case.
Connect all necessary wires to the motherboardBoard and tightly secure them in the ports. Screw the power supply unit and check its operability by connecting it to the mains with the appropriate cable. If the computer starts to boot, the repair can be considered complete, and you can close the computer cover.

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