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Why not turn your computer

Why not turn your computer

The computer is technically complicated system in which there are a large number of components interacting with each other.

The appearance of faults in individual componentsIt affects the computer's performance - the problem can cause the computer to stop that run and react to pressing the power button.

Faulty cable

If you press the power button, the computerdoes not begin to run, check the power cord that comes from the power supply to the back of the cabinet. Make sure there is no damage to the cable. Try plugging the cable into a different outlet on extended - it is likely that the cause can not turn on the computer has become the failure of a single outlet or extension cord just in general.

Plug wires should be firmly inserted into the computer's power supply on one end and an outlet at the other.

power switch

If the wire is an integral checkPower switch, which should be on the back of the computer next to the hole for the cable. This lever should be in position I (On). If the button is already in position, turn it off and on again, and then again try to make your PC run.

Power Supply

If after these computer operationsstill does not start, the problem may be associated with malfunctions power supply or motherboard. Breakdowns are more common power supply. To make sure that the motherboard is OK, remove the computer side cover by unscrewing the fastening at the back. Unplug the power cord and check the density of attachment of loops installed in the device.
If these manipulations do not help in the elimination of the causes of failure, then you have broken the power supply. To replace him, take the body to the service center and make PSU replacement service.
You can also replace the unit yourselffood at home. To do this, find the source of the power, in watts, please read the documentation for your computer or studying the label on the PSU.

The necessary information will be available if you remove the side cover.

Then buy the device at any store of computer accessories. According to the power PSU must comply with your previous device.
After purchasing, you will need to installthe power supply to the computer. To do this, remove the side again, the battery cover and disconnect all cables that go from the old power supply to the motherboard. Note the location of the disconnected wires, then remove the power source and install a new one in accordance with the fixings on the case.
Connect all wires to the motherboardboard and tightly secure them in the ports. Screw the power supply and test it by plugging in the power supply using the appropriate cable. If the computer starts, the repair can be considered complete, and you can close the computer cover.

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