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Why not start a scooter

Why not start a scooter

An important advantage of the scooter is its frugality. Standard fifty cc engine is not much burns a combustible mixture, compared with engines larger volume.

Scooter for its operation is simple and reliable.

But, despite all its advantages, it is the same as other equipment is subject to breakage.

The main causes of damage to the scooter

There are many reasons for which a scooter is notstart. Among them are: the battery is discharged, the problem of fuel-distribution mechanism, the deposition of soot on the candle ignition, engine belt deformation, a strong deterioration of the piston of the engine component.

A detailed review of each cause

The first reason is the most harmless and it is easiestidentify. Turning the ignition key, simply turn on the lights or sound the horn. When the battery is discharged, either one or the other do not succeed. Fix this problem in two ways:
1) Try to have a foot scooterkick-starter, which is to the left on the engine. In this case, the moped be acquired by the remaining charge in the generator winding and after a while, the electricity generated generator armature and brushes, recharge the battery.
2) Connect the battery to the charger for a few hours.

The charger should be set the same number of amperes, how much and in the battery, otherwise it will burn.

Fault in fuel and distributionthe mechanism is not always correct yourself. If the scooter is equipped with an injector, then revert to the technique service, where specialists with special equipment pereproshyut injector chip. Since the carburetor is the case much easier. Most likely the scooter will not start because of the blockage in the jets, which can blow the most common motor pump by inserting the valve is applied as the valve jet, or you can do without it. Remove the carburetor from the engine, disassemble and rinse completely in a petrol solution.
Soot can settle on the candle because of non-complianceproportions by mixing gasoline and special oil. But in this case mounted on a scooter-stroke engine, if the four-stroke engine, the problem in the gasoline. Fill fuel with an octane rating above eighty. Solve the problem with the candle will burn it. Remove the spark plug from the cylinder and bring it to the fire so that the flames scorched candle base. After that, clean with fine sandpaper and screw back.
Warp Engine belt can becausegreat speed. It is located on the same side where the foot and kick-starter under the motor cover. Belt - a consumable item that can not be restored, it will have to buy at the auto parts store.

When buying look at the cover thickness and the diameter of the belt.

The piston component includes: cylinder, piston, piston pin, piston rings. Wear at least one piece leads to a loss of power, and later simply to breakage. With regard to the cylinder, it is not necessary to buy a new one, the old can be chiseled under repair above zero. The piston rings and the finger is best to buy a bundled for even wear during engine operation.

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