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Why not spinning the fan in the power supply

Power Supply Fan

Cooling power supply - an important function.

If overheating can not be stable operation of the computer.

There is a possibility of sudden shutdown and loss of data required.

To prevent such situations, you need to follow closely the work of the cooling fan and the time to eliminate the causes of failures in the work.

For quality service you can contact the service center, where the services can guarantee only qualified.

The fan in the computer power supply iscooling system to prevent overheating of its elements and the possible failure of the computer. Each item has its own resources, ie its service life, and eventually, only the silence can be heard when you turn on the PC. This means that the fan is no longer spinning. This may occur for several reasons.
The main types of damage the cooling fan power supply are: contamination, foreign object, lubrication, mechanical breakdown, power cord.


The most common reason for stoppingfan is its mechanical pollution. The system unit is constantly blown air and dust contained in it, over time, accumulates on the fan elements.

The system unit includes all the main receiving device, transmission, processing and storage.

In the end, it becomes so much that sheprevents the rotation of the blades. The easiest way to remove dust - vacuum, applying a vacuum tube to the air intake opening. However, this cleaning will help for a while. Correctly to figure out the computer and clean the blades and other elements of the fan, mechanically remove dirt.

foreign particle

Although preventing the filters in the holeAir intake can get small object - a clip, part broken pens, coins and screws. The reason can be found out and eliminated, only dismantling the system unit. In addition to the simple fan to stop a foreign object may cause it to break, which is the next cause of failure.


Fan, like any mechanism needsLubricant. With the need to update it over time. Without lubrication bearings overheat and do not provide sufficient speed. Preventing is applying grease on the fan mechanism.

As a lubricant for a fan using sliding bearings synthetic lube.

Mechanical failure

Mechanical failure may occur due tohit a foreign object or if the fan is defective or old and worn out. Every material has its own life and changes shape or breaks under dynamic loads. Therefore, over time, in any fan can form a crack or bend the blades. In this case, only help replacement.

power Wire

Often, when you move your computer due to the shake-upor self-disassembly of the system unit can move away from the connector wire feed fan. The result is that it does not operate from a lack of electricity. In this case, a visual inspection will help the fan wires.

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