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Why not sent MMS

Why not sent MMS

You sent MMS, and the message is not reached. Guilty of this may be your phone and the recipient's machine and operator.

It is only necessary to find out which of the chain links made it fail, and try to eliminate the cause.



The service for sending and receiving MMS included inMost subscribers by default. An exception may be only clients connecting for a long time, when the MMS did not exist, and since then has never changed any SIM-card or rate plan. If you belong to those, contact your network operator support and ask if you have this service activated. If not, request its inclusion. Perhaps you will be informed that the service connection service through the support service fee, in this case, ask to dictate or to send an SMS-message USSD-command for self-service connection, and then dial it.


MMS can not be set on your device orrecipient device. First of all, make sure that this feature is available in both the phones. By the way, their appearance on the availability of this function does not say anything. For instance, Siemens C55 phone with a monochrome screen and built-in memory at least one megabyte supports MMS (though to send and receive can only sound files, as well as black-and-white pictures WBMP old format), and Texet TM-B112, in spite of the color display and built-in MP3-player with card Micro SD, MMS function is not equipped.


If the MMS feature is, but is not set, you need toagain, contact support and ask the operator to send the configuration message MMS, specifying the model of the device. When a message comes, open it and select the menu item, designed to save the settings.


The format of the file you should be expelledsupported by the recipient's phone. It is understood that send a JPG file at the same Siemens C55 is useless. Moreover, this format is not supported by all the early even phones with color screens. Also important is the amount of sent file.


The standard provides for a total volume of MMSall files in a single message is not more than 300 kilobytes. However, additional restrictions may be established devices and destination, as well as the operator, especially when activating unlimited sending MMS. It often helps to decrease the volume of posts to 150 kilobytes or less.


There are also limitations on the MMS between the mandreloperators, cities and countries. The major holidays can not reach MMS-messages sent by flat rate, or they may still be charged. Some operators also do not support MMS sending an e-mail.


All the days of MMS-messages sent byflat rate, can come with considerable delay, sometimes part of a few hours. It should also be noted that if you are using the mobile phone unlimited internet, send files in most cases, through rational, not as MMS.

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