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Why not send SMS

Why not send SMS

The reasons for the problem of sending messages can be: misconfigured settings CMC issues from the operator communication- defects SIM card- phone malfunction.

Reboot your phone

Disable and re-enable the phone - this is the first,what to do if no messages are sent. The network may experience intermittent failures, which may cause problems such as the inability to send SMS. In this case, a simple cell phone reboot solves this problem.

Problems from the other party

If your phone is not sent SMSa specific user, try to find out if there are any restrictions receiving messages from him. Perhaps your number is listed in the "black list" of the recipient. There is a possibility that the receiving subscriber is faulty SIM card or disabled the messaging service.

Number of SMS-center

In most cases, problems with sending SMSIt occurs due to wrong numbers prescribed the SMS-center. Through the phone menu to get SMS options tab "Service Center", enter the SMS center number of the faithful, and save your changes.
SMS center number for each operator a:
- Beeline +7 903 701 1111
- Megaphone +7 928 990 0028
- MTS +7 916 899 9100 or +7 916 896 0220
- Tele2 +7 950 809 0000

data channel

In the phone menu to get SMS options tab "Channel for SMS» and select the "GSM". Some phone models as options are offered "CS" and "PS". In this case, it should be noted "CS".

Black list

The message may not be sent becauseanother party is included in the "black list" of your phone. Check through the menu if this function is activated. If the function is connected, turn it off.

also has a "black list" include communication services operators. If you have problems with sending messages, you should specify connection information for this service in your room.

SMS transmission service

Check on your room setup process. This information you can check with your cellular operator companies, through self-service or on the official website.
Enquiry Service of mobile operators:
Beeline: 0611
Megaphone: 0500
MTS: 0890
Tele2: 611
Services self-service mobile operators:
Beeline: * 111 #
Megaphone: * 105 #
MTS: * 111 #
Tele2: * 111 #

SMS Memory

Check the SMS memory. Overflowing SMS memory may prevent sending messages. In this case, delete unnecessary messages from your device.

Delivery Period

Make sure that on your phone settingsSMS has been installed the maximum delivery period of messages. If the delivery period is set, for example, for 1 hour, and the destination within an hour of sending the message you are out of range or turned off, your message has been received they will not.

Faulty SIM card

If none of the recommendations has not solved the problem of sending messages, perhaps, the point fault sim card. To replace it, contact your network operator Salon, where you will be given a duplicate.

If the SIM card is issued replacing its duplicate. Number, balance, tariff plan and the connected services remain unchanged. All stored in the original SIM card contacts and messages it is recommended to transfer the phone's memory.

Replacing the SIM card only in the presence of its owner and a passport.

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