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Why not grow the plants in akvaiume

Why not grow the plants in akvaiume

Aquarium of the apartment allows you to get close to nature - in addition, monitoring of its inhabitants is considered an excellent serene relaxation therapy for nerves.

Often people become beautiful aquarium with exotic fish and suddenly discover that plants in them simply refuse to grow.

Why is this happening and how to fix the situation?

The growth of aquatic plants

If the plants in an aquarium do not grow in the firstall it needs to be properly illuminate. To do this, include fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, so that the lighting can be varied. The length of daylight for plants should not exceed 12 hours, and the intensity of the light should go on the rise - from a smaller to a larger world. Also, from time to time the plants should be vacuumed using a hose with a funnel at the end. He will deliver the leaves of plants from the soil sediment that slows their growth - clean soil will settle down at the same time.

The more fish in the aquarium, the more advisable to resort to the procedure of purification plants from the mud and feed residues.

Additionally, the growth of plants in the aquarium dependscomposition of water, which should be a certain amount of dissolved substances. So, if the water in the aquarium present a minimal amount of salt, the plant will grow better. The water should not be too soft - rather moderately hard. Also, plants can not grow because of the metal salts present in the water tank. They are responsible to the normal functioning of the aquarium flora, so their concentration should not be exceeded.

Terms of care for aquarium plants

The aquarium should be covered extensively (40 wattsluminescent light on the water surface of 0.3-0.4 square meters). When installing light bulbs, power should be doubled. The water in the aquarium should be changed several times a week. If you refuse to grow plants in the aquarium, or their condition is unsatisfactory, you need to run it a small amount of fish, caring for plants - Labe, mollies, girinoheylov, guppies or platies.

Planting aquarium densely desirable, using various plant species composition.

The main species of fish living in the aquarium should notbe large. In addition, they should not be herbivorous or digging the soil, as it negatively affects the growth and condition of plants. Feed should be in moderation, so as not to pollute the water. Before starting the fish in the aquarium, the plants should be given a few weeks to adapt, and, at the slightest sign of deviation from normal development to soften water, intensifying the process. Remember that plants have enough inert reactions, so for them need to keep a close watch.

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