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WHY Muslims do not eat pork?


Why Muslims do not eat pork</a>

Any religion inevitably prescribes to its adherents certain rules of behavior and relationships "in the world," imposes restrictions and even prohibitions.

The latter can be exclusively spiritual, as in Buddhism, or completely earthly, as in Islam or Christianity.

So, Muslims are instructed by Islam to refrain from alcohol and pork consumption.

Muslims are people who base theirPerception of the world and thinking on religion, which the Prophet Muhammad "brought", also called Magomed and Mohammed. In Islam, the name has its significance, it is as if the spiritual destiny of man is laid down, the name Muhammad means "praised", "worthy of praise".

Prophet Muhammad is especially revered in Islam, he is the last one to whom the revelations of Allah were available.

Muhammad is a prophet of Islam, but he was alsoPolitician, founder of the Muslim community. Muslims believe in all the precepts that contain the sacred book of the Koran - a set of rules and revelations that Muhammad preached from the mouth of God himself (Allah). Naturally, Muslims honor the Koran and try to observe all its prohibitions so as not to anger Allah. One such is a categorical ban on eating pork.

Revelations of the Quran

As stated in the Qur'an, one can not useTo the believing person: "dead body, blood, pork and what was stuck with the name of others, not Allah." There is a note in the Qur'an that anyone who eats pork without his will will not be guilty, since he was forced to do this, and not himself, he wanted to do so.
The ban on pig meat did not come about by accident,During the life of the Prophet Muhammad, the world was shaken by epidemics of plague and cholera, diphtheria, brucellosis and other diseases, which are susceptible to including animals, literally mowing entire cities. It is believed that the pig - the animal is dirty, feeds on the fodder and feces. Accordingly, the meat of the animal can contain pathogenic bacteria, which are the cause of various diseases.

In addition, in such hot countries as Iran, Iraq, Tunisia and other countries of the Islamic world, pork quickly spoiled, causing poisoning.

However, the faithful Muslims and Jews are inclinedExplaining the ban is somewhat different: the refusal to eat pork helps a person to approach physical and spiritual perfection, get away from the "dirty" life that dirty animals lead.
Refusal is also the path of sacrifice, it is not soIs expressed in Islam, as in Orthodoxy, but it occupies an equally important place in the religious consciousness of the adherent of the church / mosque. Ability to keep oneself within the prescribed rules, observe the prohibitions and commandments of the prophets, lead an ascetic way of life, sow good and charity - this is a step into the embrace of Allah.
The Jews have one more, not without meaning,Version of the refusal of pork. They, based on medical research, say that the pig's blood cells are similar in structure and biological activity to human ones, the organs have the same reproductivity as human ones. Not likening the pig to the "top of the divine creation," the Jews are forbidden to eat its meat, even Torah.

Medical Views

From a scientific point of view, pig meat is indeedMore harmful than, meat of other animals. The fact is that the fat cells of the pig, getting into the human body, do not dissolve, but accumulate, thereby causing excess weight. But overweight is, perhaps, not the most terrible, accumulation in the body can cause the formation of a malignant tumor, lead to a blockage of blood vessels, early atherosclerosis.

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