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Why Muslims do not eat pork

Why Muslims do not eat pork

Any religion requires its adherents inevitably certain rules of conduct and relationships "in the world", imposes restrictions and even bans.

The latter may be purely spiritual, as in Buddhism, or quite earthly as in Islam or Christianity.

So, Islam instructs Muslims to abstain from alcohol and pork consumption.

Muslims - people who base theirperception of the world and thinking on religion, which "brought" the Prophet Muhammad, also called Mohammed and Mohammed. In the name of Islam has its own value, it would be incorporated as a spiritual destination of man, the name Muhammad means "the praised", "worthy of praise."

The Prophet Muhammad is especially revered in Islam, it is the latter who were available Allah's revelation.

Muhammad - the Prophet of Islam, but also he waspolitician, founder of the Muslim community. Muslims believe all the requirements, which includes the holy book the Koran - a set of rules and revelations that Muhammad preached from the mouth of God (Allah). Naturally, Muslims revere the Qur'an and try to comply with all its restrictions, so as not to anger God. One of these is a categorical prohibition on eating pork.

Quran Revelation

As stated in the Qur'an can not be usedbeliever "mertvichinu, blood, pork and that which was slaughtered with the name of the other, rather than Allah." In the Qur'an, and the mark, that those who will not eat his pork will not be a sinner, because he was forced to it, not the way he wanted to do.
The ban on meat pigs originated is not accidental,During the life of the Prophet Muhammad peace shaken the plague and cholera, diphtheria, brucellosis and other diseases that afflict including animals, literally mows the whole city. It is believed that the pig - an animal dirty, fed pasture and excrement. Accordingly, the animal meat may contain harmful bacteria that cause various diseases.

Moreover, in tropical countries such as Iran, Iraq, Tunisia and others. Islamic world pork quickly spoiled, it became the cause of poisoning.

However, devout Muslims and Jews tend toto explain the ban somewhat differently: abstinence from pork helps a person to get closer to the physical and spiritual perfection, to get away from "grazing" of life that are dirty animals.
Disclaimer - this is the way of sacrifice, it is not soexpressed in Islam, as in Orthodoxy, but takes no less important place in the religious consciousness adherent church / mosque. The ability to keep themselves within the prescribed rules, to comply with the prohibitions and commandments, the prophets, to lead an ascetic life, sow goodness and mercy - this is a step in God's embrace.
The Jews have one more, not devoid of meaning,version rejection of pork. They are based on medical research, saying that pigs blood cells in structure and biological activity similar to human, the bodies have the same fertility as human. Not likening pig "apex of God's creation," forbids the Jews have the Torah, even its meat.

Medical opinions

From a scientific point of view of pig meat is reallymore harmful than the meat of other animals. The fact that the pig fat cells entering the human body, do not dissolve, and accumulate, thereby causing excess weight. But being overweight is perhaps not the worst, accumulation in the body can cause the formation of cancer, lead to clogged blood vessels, an early atherosclerosis.

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