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Why Mona Lisa smiles

Why is Mona Lisa smiling

The picture that the whole world knows as the "Mona Lisa"or "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci wrote in 1507 and since then, the related secrets haunt scientists, poets, artists and simply in love with the art of the people.

Every year, about six million people visit the Louvre Museum in Paris, to themselves understand the force of attraction and the secret of one of the most famous smiles.

Who is Mona Lisa

A mysterious smile is not the only mystery"Mona Lisa". For years, critics could not come to the opinion, who is depicted in the painting. Until now, there are several common versions. According to one of them, the woman in the picture - Lisa del Giocondo, the third wife of wealthy Florentine silk merchant, Francesco del Giocondo. There are documents, claiming that in 1503, the date of the start of work on the painting, Leonardo was commissioned portrait of Mrs. Giocondo.

Giocondo translated from Italian means "carefree".

Others believe that the silk merchant's wife Da Vincipainted on the other, is not extant portrait and mysterious lady, whose portrait he painted for about 4 years, this is Isabella of Aragon, wife of the patron of the artist, the Duke of Milan.
Still others argue that the painting is dated incorrectly. The time of its creation - 1512-1516 year and the lady depicted on the canvas - the wife of Giuliano de 'Medici, who ruled in the years Milan.

Mona in the title picture means madam or Madame. In Russian painting can be called "Madame Lisa."

Another version is that the "Mona Lisa" -does the artist himself in female form. According to certain features of the digital analysis of the great painter in one of the self-portraits are exactly the same with the appearance of his most famous models and all that - a hoax genius.

The mystery of her smile

Yes, a woman, put before scientists suchriddles, shall be entitled to a mysterious smile. However, critics argue that there is no mystery, but the whole thing just in a unique technique of sfumato, whose name translates as smoky or disappearing. This unique combination of strokes, which the artist conveys a sense of air, softening the outline of shapes, tones and semitones. According to the neurobiologists, our peripheral vision is able to perceive only the larger items, while the central - small. If smotretna "Mona Lisa" right, by focusing on the model's eyes, leaving peripheral vision her mouth, it seems that it slides smile, but should look to the lips, that is, to transfer to them a look and see central vision - it disappears. The same effect is explained and melting smile of the Mona Lisa when deleting or moving in opposite sides of the picture.
But a simple scientific explanation does not fitromantics who consider unimportant how the smiling Mona Lisa and much more mysterious is why she is smiling. It is known that in the first version of the painting Mona Lisa and did not think about the smile, the artist was only later introduced into the fabric patches. Melting smile gave rise to the myth of the novel, beautiful model and a great artist, carefully concealed from the jealous-husband, the former, according to the laws of the genre, is much older than his charming wife. Legend is not tenable, because of all the possible models of the painter husbands and lovers were much younger than Leonardo, who at the time of writing, the web was over fifty.
What is Mona Lisa smiling? Apparently, this is destined to forever remain a mystery, without which there is great art.

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