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WHY military buried in zinc coffins

Why the military are buried in zinc coffins

Military transported in zinc coffins for the preservation of the body of a dead soldier - zinc coating prevents air from entering into the sepulcher, and that helps the body to survive.

Zinc coffin

Coffins made of zinc or zinc-plated specialdrawers are used for body need transportation over long distances, or when the body for a number of reasons for a long time should be no burial. Naturally, such coffins or their version of galvanized boxes are used mainly during wars and armed conflicts, when the dead body to be delivered to his homeland for burial.

In general, zinc is chosen for two reasons: The first - a high tightness at a sufficiently low weight and cost. The second reason is that its oxide prevent infection and the process of decay.

The corpses in sealed zinc coffins are usually wellstored and in transit do not cause inconvenience, such as an unpleasant odor of decomposition. The use of zinc coffin in the above cases is required by health standards in all civilized countries. Zinc coffin can be used many times, because it was not created for the burial and transport of corpses, and only if the body is badly mutilated, it usually will not be opened and funerals take place in a closed coffin.


Cargo-200 - is a stable expression denotingbody in a zinc coffin. The term came into our everyday life with the Afghan war. Then the war came the need for a concise and accurate description of sending the zinc coffin with the body, and the description is not entirely clear to an outsider. Zinc coffins before sending the flight home always weighed and measured their length-width-height to determine the so-called "gross weight" in order to calculate the permissible gross weight of the cargo hold of an aircraft. On average, the gross weight was two hundred kilograms to one coffin. From this and I went a military term, "two hundredth", load-200.

There are cases when during the Vietnam and Afghan wars, generals used load-200 to transport heroin - sealed coffins with drug flew home without going through customs.

Transportation of cargo-200 is actually a very complicated procedure. Firstly, a coffin or galvanized box must-opayat in a special place.

According to sanitary regulations prohibit putting in the coffin, even fresh flowers! At the airport, the coffin necessarily rayed and recorded through the cargo terminal.

Thus in addition to the pile of other papers must be accompanied by a mandatory "certificate of opayke", indicating that in the coffin there is no unnecessary things.

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