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WHY lost a headlight at the WHA

Why disappears distant light at the WHA

Knowledge of fault diagnosis with high-beam headlights in cars VAZ, as well as their ability to remove the driver is useful in any situation.

This is especially important during long journeys.

Volga Automobile Plant

AvtoVAZ - the most famous automotive brand inRussia. The plant, built with the help of Italian experts in 1966, has produced more than a dozen models of cars, well known outside Russia and is deservedly popular among motorists because of their high prices and do not require minimal maintenance.

The reasons for the non-working beam

In every car there are breakage, their abilitydiagnose and make a quick repair will help make life easier and get out of a difficult situation any driver. Reasons to inoperative headlight of headlights VAZ few: the failure of the high beam light bulbs, broken fuse, relay beam, wiring.

beam lamp

beam lamp designed for lightingthe road in the dark. The reasons for its inoperability is burning filament that is checked "transmission" of the glass bulb. It is also possible appearance of oxidation in the "nest" the installed lamp, for health need to clean it from the resulting oxidation.


The fuse is designed to protectelectrical circuits and wiring of the car from high leakage currents force. Upon detection of this failure need to replace the faulty fuse and install the type of fuse recommended by the manufacturer of the car VAZ. It is also the cause of the disabled fuse may be the presence of oxidation in the "landing" fuse holder, which is treated by treatment with sandpaper. Frequent failure of the beam fuses shows that the lamp is not of the nominal power that recommended by the manufacturer of the car, and because of this there is overheating fuse.

The relay beam

The relay beam is used to smooth the load enable consumers with high current, ie, for that we would not receive the lamp currents of higher voltages. To repair requires replacement of the relay.

Electrical wiring

Electrical wiring is designed to supplyelectrical current to the consumer, in this case the high beam lamp. Problems with electrical wiring, partial absence of insulation, overheating of wiring due to not properly installed fuse may cause a fire in the car and follow the electrical cables should be as carefully as the others machinery and vehicle devices.
Important! Idle distant light in low visibility does not allow the driver to drive safely, and if I have problems with the high-beam headlights on the car VAZ repair and diagnostic knowledge to help quickly and efficiently solve these issues.

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