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Why the lion is considered the king of beasts


Why the lion is considered the king of beasts</a>

The lion has been considered for many centuriesSymbol of power, its image can be seen on the arms, the shields of knights. These animals are compared to very strong and brave people, saying "strong as a lion" or "dared like a lion".

The factors that make it possible to call a lion "king of beasts" are a huge number.

Lion appearance and behavior in the wild

The main distinguishing feature of the lion from othersRepresentatives of the animal world - the presence of manes. This beast shows all its behavior and greatness - lions are usually calm, move with a confident gait, demonstrating the absence of fear and fear of wildlife. The posture of this animal is ideal. Such features were seen back in ancient times, when people often observed the wild nature.

The lion is the only representative of the cat family, which can look at the sun and do not cover the eyes.

The behavior of the lion deserves special respect. Watching this animal in its natural habitat, you can see that the feeling of fear, really visits the lion very rarely. The beast can attack any opponent, protect their offspring and defend their own territory from encroachments by rivals. Complement the set of unique qualities of the roaring growl of this lion. Such a roar does not emit any representative of the cat family. The roar of a lion brings fear to any living being.

Lion is a sacred animal and a symbol of power

The sight of the king of beasts frightens people and animals onFor millennia. In some countries, he was recognized as a sacred animal and dedicated to him many legends. Among the admirers of lions, for example, are the Egyptians.

There is a legend about the blue lions living on the river bed. By giving, the main prey of these animals are sinful people, behind whom a daily night hunt is arranged.

During the excavations in Egypt, scientistsFound a lot of trophies with images of a lion. This animal is an indispensable element, symbolizing the power of the pharaoh. In addition, the lion was equated with the sacred deity. For example, the goddess of power Sokhmet was depicted always with a lion's head.

In the Jewish people, the lion is considered a symbol of cruelty and invincible power. The image of the animal was often depicted on its garments by the most fearless warriors.

In Buddhism, the lion is a symbol of law, honor andJustice. Each image of this animal in ancient sources has its own meaning. For example, a lion with a lion cub near the paw is a symbol of the rule of the world. The lion and the lioness are the symbols of the Lord and the power of his word. Animals were portrayed as integral companions of the gods in the fight against demons. In Greek mythology, lions were not only the companions of mythical fighters against evil, but also portrayed as animals harnessed to the chariot of the most powerful gods.
African tribes not only compare the lion with the deity, but also consider it a sacred messenger. It is the lion, according to the old giving, that must bring peace and love to the Earth.

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