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WHY lion is considered the king of beasts

Why did the lion is considered the king of beasts

Lion for centuries considereda symbol of power, his image can be seen on the arms, the shields of the Knights. With these animals compared to a very strong and courageous people, saying "strong as a lion" or "bold as a lion."

The factors that allow it a lion called "king of beasts" there is a huge amount.

The appearance and behavior of lions in the wild

The main distinguishing feature from other lionrepresentatives of the animal world - the presence of the mane. This beast all his behavior shows the greatness and become - lions, usually calm, confident gait move, demonstrating the absence of fear and apprehension to wildlife. Posture of this animal is perfect. Such features were seen in ancient times, when people are frequently seen wildlife.

Lev - the only representative of the cat family that can look at the sun and it does not cover the eyes.

lion behavior deserves special respect. Watching these animals in the natural environment of its habitat, we can see that the feeling of fear, really attends the lion is very rare. The animal can attack any enemy, protect their offspring and to defend its own territory from rivals attacks. It complements the set of the unique qualities of the terrible roar of a lion. Such issues do not roar, no representative of the cat family. lion roar strikes fear in any living creature.

Lion - a sacred animal and a symbol of power

View king of beasts frighten people and animals onfor thousands of years. In some countries it is recognized as a sacred animal, and he devoted a lot of legends. Among the admirers of the lions, for example, are the Egyptians.

There is a legend of the blue lions living on the river bottom. By giving, the main prey of these animals are sinful people, behind which arranged daily night hunting.

During excavations in Egypt, scientistsWe found many trophies with lion images. This animal is an essential element, symbolizing the power of Pharaoh. In addition, the Lion was equated to the sacred deity. For example, the goddess Sekhmet depicted authorities always with a lion's head.

The Jewish people, the lion is a symbol of cruelty and invincible power. animal image often portrayed in their clothes the most fearless warriors.

In Buddhism, the lion is a symbol of the law, honor andjustice. Each image of this animal has its own meaning in the ancient sources. For example, a lion with lion cub around legs - a symbol of world rule. Lion and Lioness - Lord of the symbols and words of power. The animals depicted in the form of integral satellite gods in the fight against the demons. In Greek mythology, the lions were not only companions mythical fighters with evil, but also depicted in the form of animals, harnessed to the chariot of the most powerful gods.
African tribes, not only compared with the lion deity, but consider it a holy messenger. That's according to an old lion giving is to bring peace on earth and love.

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