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WHY leaves dry

Why do the leaves wither

Leaves - are the elements of plants that are directly related to their metabolism.

Drying leaves - a process that can occur due to natural reasons, and the fault of external factors, independent from the environment.

Damage to the plant itself.

The sheet is fixed to a branch or trunk duespecial feet on which together with moisture to it receives the necessary trace elements that are vital for the green sheet. When broken or damaged stem, leaf flows to terminate, leading to drying of the sheet. The leaves fall to the ground, where it begins to decompose, creating food for microorganisms living in the soil. Decomposed sheet and becomes part of the soil nutrient source for other plants and leaves them. This confirms one of the principles of natural balance - it has nothing disappears without a trace.

Extreme climatic conditions

Leaves may lack moisture andbecause of the dry climate. In central Russia, where in summer the sun beats down and the rain still no, the leaves are subjected to enormous stress. They begin to experience a lack of moisture, dry up and fall off. But this does not mean that there are no plants in the arid parts of the world. They just adapt to adverse environmental conditions. The most famous example of such a device - a cactus. The needles on a cactus - it's the same leaves, only because their form this amazing plant was able to reduce the loss of fluid in the leaves to a minimum.

Seasonal weather changes

The most common cause of dry leavesis the seasonal weather changes. Due to lower the air temperature in the autumn of metabolism within the plant starts to slow down. The plant begins to adapt to a change in temperature, it can be called a preparation for the winter and frost. Accordingly, it violated the optimal constant supply mode leaves the necessary moisture and trace elements, the leaves wither and fall off. This period in Russia is called "Golden autumn", when on the ground, you can see the real golden carpets of dried leaves. Where the climate does not change throughout the year, the plants have a constant foliage. This is characteristic of parts of the world with tropical and subtropical climate type.

Even if extremely low temperaturesplants continue to live and develop in them. The most adapted to cold plants are trees from the family of conifers. In Russia, a lot of them: spruce, pine, fir, and others.

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The most unpleasant cause drying of leaves - itpresence of pests on the plant or inside it. The plant is sick. For each region of the planet has its own typical pests. To understand why the plant is sick and pochemusohnut leaves, may need help narrow specialist.

Sometimes the cause drying of leaves on the plant is another plant-weed. Weeds harm the growth of neighboring plants near them.

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Targeted drying leaves.

The leaves can be dried and himself. To do this takes a fallen leaf that is still green or already started to turn yellow and dry, placed between two sheets of paper and placed under the load across the leaf area. The sheet may dry one to two days. Dried leaves can be used in the preparation of herbals, pictures of leaves, or for making beautiful crafts for children and adults.

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