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WHY lashes fall out

Why lashes fall out

Beautiful and healthy eyelashes can give the look incredible appeal.

But under the influence of certain factors, they weaken and begin to fall. This suffering is not only the aesthetic aspect, but also reduces the protective function of eyelashes.

The reasons for this can be done.

Reasons for loss of eyelashes

The natural loss of eyelashes is normalphenomenon. For a person, as a rule, the process is transparent. It is similar to the daily hair loss. In place of the dropped eyelashes grow new. This phenomenon can be noticeable in the case of the slow growth of young cilia.
Eyelashes can fall out for allergic reactions to cosmetics, in contact with the eyes. In addition to the ink, it can be eyeshadow, makeup remover, etc.
Lack of vitamins can also lead to thisunpleasant phenomenon. Loss of eyelashes due to this cause in most cases is observed in winter and spring, when the body suffers from a lack of some useful elements.
Malnutrition - another reasoncapable to cause loss of eyelashes. Diet, consisting of one or more products may well lead to this, because the body needs a varied diet.
The cause loss of eyelashes can be a diseaseeye and internal organs. It promotes the use of antibiotics or certain other medications. Not be discounted and stressful situations.

Actions at loss of eyelashes

To strengthen the lashes and to stop the process ofloss, before going to bed should be removed with eye makeup using sea buckthorn, olive or vegetable oil. It is not recommended to remove makeup from the face with soap because it dries the skin and makes it fragile to external influences.
It is necessary to take seriously the selection of cosmeticsmeans eye. They should not be overdue. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition of cosmetics, as they may contain ingredients that can cause allergies. For some time, it is recommended to use instead of the usual mascara vitaminized, which includes strengthening eyelashes keratin protein and melanin.
When vitamin deficiency should take special complex of vitamins to strengthen nails and hair, containing the necessary amounts of vitamins A and B, important minerals. Buy them at any drugstore.
The daily diet is recommendedinclude such foods as fish, cheese, herbs, meat, cereals, seeds. It is worth less to eat fried, smoked, sweet baking soda. Having the proper functioning of the digestive tract, you will see that the eyelashes no longer fall out in large numbers.
If desired, you can use special means for the growth of eyelashes. They cost is not cheap, but the result will be seen as early as 2 weeks after the beginning of their application.

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