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Why the kitten eye festers

Why the kitten eye festers

In young kittens owners often notice the congestion in front of a small amount of pus. Its appearance can cause a variety of factors - both natural and pathological.

To an animal subsequently developed complications with vision to suppurating eyes need to pay special attention, having understood the symptoms and how to treat them.

Causes of pus

to heal the wounds of a cat eye
If the selection of kitten eyes do not contain pus,kitten and he shows no concern, it should be just a timely manner to clean the eyes with a cotton swab and warm boiled water. If the selection does not stop and begin to acquire an unhealthy shade of a kitten can be suspected allergy, keratitis, conjunctivitis or other disease. Thick discharge greenish or yellow appear in infectious, fungal or bacterial pathogens. Eyelids stuck together with the kitten.

When a suspicious discharge should contact the veterinary clinic and hold a series of tests to pinpoint the cause of the disease.

Watery transparent allocation usually appearan allergic reaction to household chemicals, dust, pollen and plant so on. Pus in the eyes can also occur as a result of mechanical damage - corneal injury, careless maintenance or contact with eyes grains. On the scarred surface is easy to fall into bacteria, then the eye problems are provided.

How to get rid of pus

how to treat the eye
If the kitten's eyes were red and from the beginningstand unhealthy liquid, it needs first aid. To do this, prepare a decoction of chamomile antibacterial, furatsilina (0.02%) and boric acid (2 teaspoons to 0.5 cups of warm water) and twist of wool tight tourniquet. The tow should be dipped into the solution and gently squeeze it into the eyeball of the animal. Repeat procedure should be to complete the purification of eyes and eyelids.

If a kitten stuck together forever, you can not break them by force - need to carefully peel soak with warm water and remove carefully with a cotton swab.

After washing the festering anti-bacterial eyesolution under the eyelids can lay 1% tetracycline ointment, which is necessary before using a little heat, so that it is uniformly distributed over the eyeball. Also, the eyes need to dig special preparations - pipette with the need to keep an eye on, at a distance of 1-2 cm from it.
If you stop the inflammatory process is notfails, the kitten is necessary to show the qualified vet who will determine the cause and location of festering, properly select complex of medicinal drops, ointments and antibiotics, as well as give recommendations for the care of sick animals.

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