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WHY children stealing

Why children stealing

If parents notice that their child is stealing,they are very poorly retain their calm and show excessive concern about this issue. They are often associated with the theft of their omission in education.

Or on the contrary, they take it as a predisposition to theft and child feel that their baby is a disgrace to all the family.

In fact, everything in that big a deal worth just quietly reflect on goals that spodvignulo child stealing.

There are several reasons for stealing. Conventionally, they are three.

Firstly, it may be a desire to own the thingwithout a twinge of conscience. Such thefts are rare and mostly do not have extensions or repetitions, but have their own characteristics. These include the age of the child, as may steal as a pre-schooler and a teenager. It also features a true understanding of the causes of theft bad deed and the inability to resist the temptation. And, of course, is the awareness of the harm and the creation of excuses such act.

Second, the child may steal because of theirpsychological dissatisfaction. Often the theft committed by schoolchildren. This happens due to the fact that once a child has stolen something insignificant, and no one, and this is ignored. Then he realizes that it's not so bad if no one told him. Also, the child may steal due to trauma or emotional coldness of relations in the family.

Third, is the lack of development of the child andhis lack of education. It is possible that your child is stealing things just to win someone's location. For example, the money he would buy candy or trinkets just to share with someone. Such thefts reason says that the child wants to draw attention to themselves.

These reasons are the main factorsoccurrence of theft. To avoid such incidents, it is necessary to pay attention to even the smallest loss, as well as to know where and how much money you have. It is imperative that the child knew that the money earned by labor alone.

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