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WHY do children steal

Why children steal</a>

If parents notice that their child is stealing,They are very poorly maintained their calm and are overly concerned about this problem. Often they associate theft with their omissions in education.

Or, on the contrary, they perceive this as a predisposition of the child to theft and believe that their baby disgraces the whole family.

In fact, everything is so scary, it is only necessary to calmly think about the goals that spurred the child to steal.

There are several reasons for the theft. Conditionally there are three.

First, it may be the desire to own a thingWithout a twinge of conscience. Such thefts are mostly single and do not have continuations or repetitions, but they have their own peculiarities. These include the age of the child, since both a preschooler and a teenager can be stolen. Also to the peculiarities of such a cause of theft is the understanding of a bad deed and the inability to resist the temptation. And, of course, this is the realization of harm and the creation of excuses for such an act.

Secondly, a child can steal because of hisPsychological dissatisfaction. Often, the theft is committed by junior high school students. This is due to the fact that the child once stole something insignificant, and no one attached any importance to it. Then he realizes that this is not so bad if no one told him anything. Also, a child can steal because of psychological trauma or emotional coldness of relationships in the family.

Thirdly, it is the lack of development of the child andLack of education. It is possible that your child steals things just to win someone's favor. For example, with this money he will buy sweets or simply trinkets to share with someone. Such a cause of theft indicates that the child wants to attract attention.

These reasons are the main factorsThe appearance of theft. To avoid such incidents, you need to pay attention to even the smallest losses, and also to know where and how much money you have. It is extremely important that the child knows that money is earned only by labor.

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