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WHY itchy fingers

Why itchy fingers

Itching of the skin - a very common phenomenon. The unpleasant feeling can be worn as a short-term character, and go into a chronic disease, with cracks, blisters and rash.

Therefore it is necessary to know the reason why itching fingers, and the main symptoms of serious diseases.

Causes of itching on the hands

A variety of dermatological diseases -One of the major causes of itching. In this case, in addition to the anxiety and discomfort in the hand skin rash may appear, redness and other symptoms. Such diseases include atopic dermatitis, urticaria, pediculosis, scabies and others.

Thermal, mechanical and chemicalexposure can also cause irritation of hands. If the skin is initially highly sensitive and dry, the itching may appear due to the use of cosmetic products, the wearing of synthetics (coat), excessive sweating, sunlight, heat or cold.

In these cases, at the termination of the contact with the main irritant, itch gradually disappear. This disease is often classified as contact dermatitis.

Vnekozhnye disease also often causediscomfort and itching. Such diseases include: disorders of the thyroid gland, tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, failure in the lymphatic system, kidney or liver, jaundice, diabetes.

Itchy fingers can and psychological stress. Highly excitable at a psychological level, people in this way can react to any situation.

Itchy skin of the hands can be a consequence of drug administration. Often various injections, ointments and tablets are of a similar side effects.

helpful hints

If the hands of a rash, blisters, immediately contact a health care facility. Alleviate itching at home can be as follows.

Painkillers and temporarily relieves itching - cold. Attach the towel, wrapped it with cubes, to the site of the lesion.

The compress should be changed periodically.

Remove itchy skin helps oatmeal solution. To cook it you need 1 cup of oat flakes pour 3 liters of boiling water. The warm solution ready hand should be kept for 15-20 minutes.

Oat solution has excellent soothing effect on irritated skin.

Try to minimize the use of a variety of external skin irritants: wool and synthetic fabrics, detergents, antibacterial and scented soap.

Do not contact with cold and hot. Hand wash only with warm or cool water. From a strong itching of boiling water will only increase.

Do not forget about personal hygiene. Regular hand washing - an excellent prevention of many diseases.

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