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Why there is pain in the chest during inspiration</a>

Pain in the chest during inspiration appears with intercostal neuralgia, fracture of ribs, renal colic, inflammation of the membrane and other diseases.

In any case, do not self-medicate, you need to seek help from a specialist.

Pain in the chest area when inhaled shouldBecome an excuse to consult a doctor, as in some cases this condition can be dangerous for the life of the patient. Often, a doctor can not diagnose a primary treatment without carrying out appropriate diagnostic measures.


Very often pain in the chest during inspirationIndicates an inflammation of the membrane. Delivered with this diagnosis of "dry pleurisy" often develops against the background of pneumonia. At the same time, a person suffers from cough, his body temperature rises, but the chest pains on the inhalation become quieter if he turns over on the side in which he feels more pain. If it is a tumor of the pleura, the pain is felt both in inspiration and in exhalation. In this case, the patient is severely restricted in movements due to deformation of the costal skeleton.
; Pain in the chest when inhaled can cause dryPericarditis, while a person can suffocate because of the inability to inhale, as a result, the duration of the inspiration becomes shorter than the duration of exhalation. The peculiarity of this disease is expressed in the alternating intensification and easing of pain. The lack of length of the inter pleural ligament will be particularly affected during walking and running. By the nature of the pain will not be sticky, but stabbing.
With a symptom such as chest pain withInhalation, can be diagnosed with "renal colic." First, there is pain under the right rib and spoon, and then spreads across the abdominal area. Intercostal neuralgia can cause pain in the region of the right scapula, the right shoulder, which increases with inspiration. Fracture of the ribs, of course, is accompanied by pain during inspiration: the person is squeezed and compressed chest, causing severe anguish and cough.

What other diseases cause a similar symptom

Sometimes patients confuse the precordinal syndrome withHeart attack - so strong pain when you breathe. However, this syndrome is typical for young children, adolescents and people under 30 years of age, and not for those who fall into the older age group and suffer from heart disease. With this condition, the pain passes as quickly as it appears. The cause of this phenomenon has not yet been precisely established. To prevent occurrence of a precordial syndrome it is possible, if to avoid poses at which difficulty of breath is observed.
Pain in the chest area canTo signal about angina pectoris. In this case, the patient's blood pressure rises and the skin turns pale. At a thromboembolism of the patient the pain in a breast, amplifying at an inhaling also excruciates. At the same time, the skin becomes blue, dyspnea, palpitation, and pressure drop. In this case, the patient should be urgently hospitalized in the hospital.

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