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Why is there pain in the chest during inspiration

Why is there pain in the chest during inspiration

Chest pain when breathing occurs when an intercostal neuralgia, rib fractures, renal colic, inflammation of the membranes and other diseases.

In any case, it is not necessary to self-medicate, you need to seek professional help.

Pain in the chest when breathing shouldbe a reason to see a doctor, because in some cases, this condition can be life-threatening patient. Often, a doctor can not diagnose the primary treatment without adequate diagnostic measures.


; Very often pain in the chest during inspirationindicating an inflammation of the membrane. Delivered with a diagnosis of "dry pleurisy" often develops on the background of pneumonia. This man tormented by a cough, his body temperature rises, but chest pain on inspiration becomes quieter when he flips on the side, which feels a lot of pain. If it is a tumor of the pleura, the pain is felt both on inhalation and exhalation. At the same time the patient is severely limited in movement due to deformation of the rib cage.
; Chest pain can cause dry on inspirationpericarditis, while a person can suffocate because of the inability to breathe, as a result of the duration of inhalation becomes shorter duration of exhalation. The peculiarity of this disease is reflected in alternate strengthening and weakening pain. Lack length mezhplevralnoy ligament will particularly affect walking and running. By the nature of the pain will not stringy, and stitching.
; When symptoms such as chest pain while atinhalation, can be diagnosed as "renal colic". First, there is pain under the right rib and a spoon, and then spreads throughout the abdomen. Intercostal neuralgia can cause pain in the right shoulder, right shoulder, which intensifies when breathing. Fracture of the ribs, of course, accompanied by pain when inhaling: a man squeezed and compressed the chest, causing severe pains and cough.

What other diseases cause similar symptoms

; Sometimes patients confused prekordilny syndromeheart attack - so strong pain when inhaling. However, this syndrome is characterized by small children, teenagers and people under 30 years of age, but not for those who fall in the older age groups and suffer from diseases of the heart. In this state, the pain goes away as quickly as it appears. The reason for this phenomenon is still not certain. Warn appearance prekordilnogo syndrome can be avoided if the item for which there is difficulty in breathing.
, Pain in the chest cansignal angina. At the same time the patient is increased pressure and pale skin. When thromboembolism patient as torturing pain in the chest, worse when breathing. This is blue skin, there is shortness of breath, palpitations, pressure drops. In this case, the patient should be urgently hospitalized.

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