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Why is there no sound on computer

Why is there no sound on computer

When you turn on your computer or laptop music playing during system startup.

But if you turn on the device, but nothingYou hear or try to listen to your favorite songs or watch a movie, but you do not succeed, then the question arises, "Why there is no sound on the computer."



The reason why there is no sound on your computer or laptop, can only be breaking the sound equipment or a malfunction of the software.


To adjust the sound, first check to seeWhether it is disabled. In the lower right corner displays a small speaker on the taskbar. If you see a red circle crossed out, you just need to click on it and play the audio.


Also on the computer, the sound may be diminishing atminimum. Click on the same momentum and raise the slider to the volume level up. Check whether the audio signal is switched off in your program. If other applications have sound, then you need only to include it in a particular program.


If the sound does not work, see if insertedwires from the speakers to the appropriate jacks. Check if the power is turned on the speaker, as well as switch on and off, not reduced if the sound level to zero.


If all is well with the speakers, and the sound on your computer is missing, try restarting your device. Perhaps there was a failure in downloading the software.


Open Equipment Manager through the panel "Start & gt-My Computer." See whether the icon is not lit, signaling the fault next to the audio device. If it is, correct the problem.


Try reinstalling the sound card driver. To do this, download it from the official website of the manufacturer. The name of the device can be viewed via the controller equipment. Update drivers can be in automatic mode, by clicking in the manager to the appropriate device and select the desired tab.


Some computer parts can sometimes break down. Usually this does not affect the operation of the system, but if for some reason lost the sound on your computer, the whole thing may be corrupted sound card. You can try to replace it with a new one and not to be spent, before it can be asked to test the replacement part from a friend.


Remember when the sound stopped working. Perhaps after you upgrade the operating system or installing a new program? In this case, the conflict can be stated in the software. Remove the new application or try to restore the latest version of the operating system. In Windows 7, this feature can be found in the panel "Start - & gt- All Programs - & gt- Standard - & gt- Service - & gt- System Restore."


If the above steps do not helprestore missing sound on your computer, try to reinstall the operating system. Then first install the driver on the motherboard and sound. If the audio signal appeared after installing another utility, check to see if it's gone. The reason why there is no sound on the computer, in this case, conflicts can be hardware or software.


If after all the manipulations of the sound on your laptop or computer and does not work, contact the service center. Perhaps, experts will solve your problem quickly.

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