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WHY World Student Day November 17


Why World Student Day November 17</a>

Russians usually celebrate Student Day on January 25 - in Tatyana's day, but the whole world honors students 2 months earlier.

The world student's holiday falls on November, 17th.

Holiday as a day of memory

The day of November 17 was chosen the day of all students notaccidentally. Back in 1946, right after the end of the last hostilities of the Second World War, which brought much suffering and suffering to humanity and at the same time revealed real heroes worthy of eternal memory and reverence, a congress of students was held in Prague. This meeting had a truly global significance, it included, inter alia, the events that took place in Czechoslovakia, occupied at the very beginning of the war by German fascist Germany, which resulted in the death of Opletalo.

For six years, students in CzechoslovakiaCeased to exist as a class, Hitler made sure that all the highest institutions of the country were closed and stopped their social and educational activities.

The name of Jan Opletalo, a simple student, into oneThe moment became a national hero, associated with youth demonstrations held in late October 1939-year. The demonstrators decided to mark the anniversary of the formation of their state - Czechoslovakia. The unauthorized action was not only interrupted by the invaders, but also sprinkled with the blood of the student-physician Opletalo, whose funeral was held on November 15 and did not do without mass riots and numerous protests of outraged students at universities and academies and their teachers. Within a few days, as a result of the brutal attack on rebellious student hostels, many students were sent to concentration camps or executed.


It is this brave deed that has become a realA symbol of courage, determination and the inviolability of the young students became the basis for the approval of the international holiday, annually celebrated by all students of the world on November 17.

On the day of Tatiana Roman, the great Empress Elizabeth signed a decree on the establishment of the Moscow University, this day became the starting point for the birth of the feast.

Initially, the decision to honor the names of the deceasedAs a result of the student action was announced in 1941 in London at the first international meeting of students who devoted their lives to the fight against fascism, in the post-war time the date became official and adopted an international scale.
Today, regardless of belonging toFaculty and university students are united in a single impulse, connecting their spirit of celebration and fun. Specially for this date, staging, KVN competitions and other events are being prepared, designed to emphasize the spirit of the holiday and at least for a day to make forget about all the problems associated with studying.

In our country, the day of all students can be consideredJust two dates, one of which is of an official international character, the other is associated with the name of Saint Tatiana, the patroness of education, it is celebrated in the middle of the academic year and falls on January 25.

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