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WHY car itself triggers alarm

Why is the car itself triggers alarm

Car alarm, designed to protect the machine, and can be the cause of the headache of its owner.

It is unlikely that someone like endless false alarms system, accompanied by a siren scream.

While all of these abnormal situations have their own technical reasons.

Loosen blow

The causes of the false system response neededto understand step by step. Most often it works too delicately tuned shock sensor. Ideally, it should only be triggered by hitting the body of the car. The sensor does not react to the shock wave from a strong sound (fireworks, shot), and the noise from the passing cars. Two-band shock sensor in such cases, only the warning signals several times.
To reduce the shock sensor sensitivitylook it up in the car - most of it is located between the front seats under the handbrake. On the sensor there is a special rotary control. If you scroll anti-clockwise, the sensitivity setting is less. But if that does not work, it is best to temporarily disable it (this feature is available in all alarms) to find out what else is the cause of false alarms the system.

flea bite

The second reason for the frequent false alarmsAlarm is an inadequate job trailer, which provides fault circuit during the opening of the doors. In this case, the display LCD key fob you will be displayed the symbol of the opening of the doors, hood or trunk. This happens due to the oxidation of trailer under the influence of moisture or too much wear. Can be treated with anticorrosive trailer liquid (WD-40, for example). But it is better to make it a complete replacement. It happens that just walked away from the trailer cable. In this case, it should be better to fix.
In wet weather, in a period of very heavy rainyou may encounter the problem that the siren starts spontaneously "whine" or "quack". So under the hood it gets wet, which is a full-time job violated siren. Try to just mute the siren. If it is a stand-alone, turn it off with a special key. If a dependent, disconnect the two wires coming from it. Give it time to dry. In case of severe damage to the siren is better to replace a new one - it's quick and inexpensive.

Rely on professionals

Another cause of failure of the security systemcan become a problem with open circuits. When setting the alarm made the lock to the starter, ignition or fuel pump. It uses a special relay. It may be that to start the car, you can not, and this will be a constant operation of the system.
But before we look for problems in the signaling,eliminate possible faults in the electronic system of the car. Measure the voltage in the circuit, check the battery charge. To find the gap in the chain of contact in the service center, where you set the alarm. And it is better to the same master. But in general, it is desirable that after the installation of the system the installer show you where the lock switch, emergency stop button Valet alarm and shock sensor.

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