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Why dry mouth?


Why is dry mouth</a>

When everything is fine with the salivary fluid, we do not notice if our mouth is drying or not.

It's like breathing - when the throat does not hurt, we do not notice the movement of air.

Causes, why there is dryness in the mouth, there may be several.

First you need to understand what it is: dry mouth?
For this phenomenon, there is a special term "xerostemia", i.e., dryness itself.

It occurs with a decrease in the amount of saliva inMouth. And saliva is our only protection for our teeth, lips, tongue from bacteria. As soon as the amount and composition of saliva changes, the protective mechanisms stop working. As a result, diseases of the oral cavity develop, for example - caries.

Why is dry mouth? There may be several reasons:

1. In most cases, this is a consequence of taking medications-

2. Diseases of the endocrine system: diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, arterial hypertension, various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and some other diseases.

3. Dehydration of the body with poisoning, diarrhea, burns and other diseases.
4. In the runny nose, when we open our mouth, if nasal breathing is difficult.

To treat this disease, drug treatment has been developed, and the use of special solutions and the mechanical stimulation of salivation - the use of chewing gums.

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