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WHY is it cold in the apartment?


Cold in the apartment</a>

Conscientiously paying for utilities, many residents of apartments constantly complain about the cold in the premises.

Since there may be several reasons for this, it is necessary to consider each of them in more detail.

Some people who live in apartments,Note that the room is cold. In this regard, apply to the housing office, so that they provide a higher water temperature in the heating system. However, even with very hot batteries in the apartment can be cold.

The reasons for the decrease in heat in the home are different

First, you need to check the radiators and make sure,That they are not covered by thick curtains. To further insulate the room and keep the heat coming into it from the heating systems, some experts recommend that a sheet of foil be laid between the wall and the radiator.

The foil has the property of reflecting both light energy and thermal energy.

Heat rays from this material will flow into the room. This will provide an opportunity to retain heat, which goes to heating the outer surface of the wall of the dwelling.

When the radiators in the apartment are not very warm, andThe riser is hot, the reason for this phenomenon is the accumulation of rust, which causes such a state of the heating system. To eliminate this negative factor, you need to wait for the end of the heating season and in the spring to thoroughly clean old structures or replace them with new products.

Moral wear of equipment - the cause of cold in the apartments

In addition, the old houses still provideHeat is carried through the equipment that has been brought down, which has not been replaced for a long time and has not been repaired. In such a situation, it is very difficult to achieve guaranteed provision for a particular room with a comfortable temperature, unless additional heat sources are used.

To improve the heat balance of the apartment can be made heat insulation of the walls.

Also, in such a situation, a qualitatively executed repair capable of providing a reliable thermal insulation of the room is able to help.
The reason for the cold in the apartment can serve and poor-quality equipment.
In new buildings, it is cold for a reasonAssumptions of errors at the stage of designing the heat supply to the facility, or when performing construction and installation work related to the laying of utilities.
There are often cases when the cold in the houses is observedBecause of the unlawful interference of some persons in the engineering design of the equipment itself. This is due to their unwarranted desire to transfer part of the incoming heat to unrecorded subscribers or to illegally re-equip the system in their own interests. At the same time, the interests of the other tenants of the house are completely ignored.

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