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WHY cold in the apartment

Cold in the apartment

Conscientiously paying utility bills, many apartment dwellers are constantly complaining about the cold in the rooms.

Since the reasons for this may be a little, take a closer look at each of them.

Some people who live in apartments,note that the room is cold. On this occasion, apply to the housing office, so that they provide a higher temperature of the water in the heating system. However, even with very hot in the flat batteries can be cold.

The reasons for reducing the heat in the home are different

Firstly, you need to check and make sure the radiators,that they are not covered with thick curtains. For additional insulation of the room and save him from entering the heat heating systems, some experts recommend between the wall and radiator lay a sheet of foil.

The foil has a property to reflect light energy and thermal energy.

Heat rays from the material will flow into the room. This will allow to keep the heat which is used for heating the outer surface of the housing wall.

When the radiators in the apartment is not very warm, andriser hot, the reason for this phenomenon may be the accumulation of rust, which causes the condition of the heating system. In order to eliminate this negative factor need to wait for the end of the heating season in the spring and thoroughly clean the old structure and replace them with new products.

Obsolescence of equipment - cold reason in apartments

In addition, in older homes still providingheat is conducted through the demolition equipment, which for a long time not replaced and not repaired. In such a situation it is very difficult to achieve the guaranteed security for particularly taken premise of having a comfortable temperature, if not to use additional heat sources.

To improve the thermal balance of the apartment you can perform thermal insulation of the walls.

Also in this situation, can help repair qualitatively made, able to provide reliable thermal insulation of the room.
The cause of cold in the apartment may be of poor quality and adjustment of the equipment.
The new developments can be cold becausemaking mistakes at the stage of design even supplying heat to an object or else in carrying out construction and installation works related to the laying of utilities.
There are cases when there is a chill in homesbecause of the unlawful interference of some persons in the very design of engineering equipment. This is caused by their unlawful desire to transfer part of the incoming heat unaccounted subscribers or the illegal re-equipment of the system to their advantage. At the same time the interests of other residents of the building completely ignored.

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