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WHY maize is called Queen of the Fields


Corn Queen of the Fields</a>

It is believed that the benefits of corn can not be overestimated: its grains contain different vitamins and trace elements, ascorbic acid, fiber, amino acids.

What is the history of this culture in Russia?

Why did it become so popular?

"In the campaign for growing corn!"

Corn became one of the mainAgricultural crops of the country thanks to Mr. Khrushchev, the former Soviet leader. At that time, the leading economic position in the world was maintained by America. The Soviet leader was looking for ways to catch up and overtake America. It was the American example of unprecedented prosperity that prompted Nikita Sergeyevich to introduce maize into the country's agriculture. And in 1955 an appeal was issued to the Komsomol for the Young Communists and the entire Soviet youth with the appeal: "In the campaign for growing corn!"

Particularly useful are the fibers of maize. They are used for diseases of the liver, genitourinary tract, prostatitis.

The media of steelTo propagate the countless useful properties of culture. Populated areas began to increase every year: in 1955, corn was allocated 18 million hectares, and in 1962 37 million hectares. The head of each agricultural enterprise had to report to the higher authorities, for how many percents of corn on the field grew in his farm. So the American culture became a real "Queen of the Fields". Over the years, it has occupied the minds of heads of agricultural enterprises and ordinary Soviet citizens. Overseas, various hybrid varieties of corn began to be purchased. In the USSR, corn began to produce sticks, flakes, bread, and in addition, candy and sausage. All these consumer goods occupied the honorable shelves of shops.
However, agricultural experiments withParticipation "Queen of the Fields" ended in failure. Corn refused to grow where there were unsuitable climatic conditions. Basically it is the Northern and Baltic territories of the country. Farm workers have stopped cultivating huge areas. Of course, corn could not replace other crops, for example, rye or wheat. However, corn sticks and to this day occupy a place on the shelves in stores.

Due to the content of vitamin E corn has antioxidant properties, and therefore prolongs the youth of the body.

Corn - waste-free grass

Over time, the use of stems and otherParts of corn. The middle of the stem was used to make tissue paper. The stem itself was used to produce construction and packaging materials. Air cork wrappers are stuffed with furniture and furfural are obtained even from cobs. In a word, the amazing cereal has earned the rank of "Queen of the Fields".

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