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WHY corn fields called Queen

Queen Corn fields

It is believed that the use of corn can not be overestimated: its grains contain various vitamins and minerals, ascorbic acid, fiber, amino acids.

What is the history of this culture in Russia?

Why did she become so popular?

"The campaign for the cultivation of corn!"

Corn was one of the maincrops of the country thanks to Mr. Khrushchev, the former Soviet leader. While leading economic position in the world kept America. The Soviet leader also sought as a way to catch up and overtake America. This American example of unprecedented prosperity prompted Nikita Sergeyevich introduce maize in the country's agriculture. And then in 1955 came to appeal to the Komsomol Komsomol Soviet youth and all with an appeal: "The campaign for the cultivation of corn!"

Particularly useful are considered corn fiber. They are used for diseases of the liver, urinary tract, prostatitis.

The media have becomepromote countless beneficial properties of culture. Were seeded area began to increase every year: for corn in 1955 was given to 18 million hectares, while in 1962, 37 million hectares. The head of each agricultural enterprises had to report to higher authorities, on how much interest in his farm crops of corn in the field increased. Because American culture has become a real "queen of fields". Over the years, she occupied the minds of the leaders of agricultural enterprises and ordinary Soviet citizens. Abroad began to buy different varieties of hybrid corn. In the Soviet Union began to produce corn sticks, cereal, bread, and in addition, candies and sausages. All of these products consumption took honorary shelves.
However, experiments with livestockthe participation of the "Queen of the fields" ended in failure. Corn refused to grow there, where they were unsuitable climatic conditions. This is mainly the Nordic and Baltic territory. Farmers are no longer sown crop large areas. Of course, corn failed to replace other crops, such as wheat or rye. However, corn sticks to this day occupy a place on the shelves in stores.

Due to the content vitamin E corn has antioxidant properties, and therefore prolongs youthfulness of the body.

Corn - waste-free cereal

Over time, the use of stem and found othersparts of corn. Mid-stem has been applied for the manufacture of tissue paper. Sam stem was used for the production of building and packaging materials. Air wrapper cobs packed furniture and even stalks get furfural. In a word, awesome wonder herb has earned the title of "Queen of the fields."

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