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WHY there is a burning sensation in the heart


Why there is a burning sensation in the heart</a>

At many morbid conditions at the person there is a burning sensation in heart.

If this happens regularly and often, you should consult your doctor.

However, be aware of what can be reportedBurning sensation in the heart, it will not be superfluous, because knowing this, you can alleviate the condition with the help of appropriate means and methods, and then go to see a doctor.

Angina pectoris

Burning in the heart begins especially badlyFeel when exercising. When the tension subsides, the sensation passes. Along with the burning behind the sternum, pain can be localized in a blurred (indistinct) character, giving off in the left arm or under the shoulder blade. With these symptoms, you need to take nitroglycerin (a pill under the tongue) and, when the burning and pain subsides (it will happen in a few minutes), go to the clinic for a consultation with a doctor.

Myocardial infarction

Burning in the heart with myocardial infarction bearsA special character. First, it lasts a long time in the form of a fairly strong attack. In this case, nitroglycerin does not help. Secondly, burning is accompanied by a cold sweat and pale skin. Thirdly, a person often falls into an unconscious state or even a deep faint. The condition worsens at night. Immediately call an ambulance.


Osteochondrosis is a consequence of wear and tearDeformation of the intervertebral disc. The disease is accompanied by infringement of the nerve roots. If the spine injuries are fixed in the sternum, the person periodically experiences burning and pain near the heart.

Burning sensations in osteochondrosis resemble symptoms of angina pectoris. But there is no connection with physical exertion, while burning can occur with normal movements of the head, arms, and turning the body.

Vegeto-vascular dystonia

Excitement or stress in vegetative-vascularDystonia can provoke unpleasant sensations in the left side of the chest - heaviness, burning or drawing pain. Characteristically, they come suddenly and are not removed either by valocordin, nor by Validol, nor by nitroglycerin, nor by other familiar remedies for these symptoms. A mustard plastered on the harassing area will help, and soothing.

Gastrointestinal problems

Some pathologies of the gastrointestinal tractCharacterized by the flow of alkali in the esophagus (in its lower section). A person is tormented by heartburn, and this is the cause of burning in a region close to the heart. A similar sensation can arise if there is a hernia formed in the esophageal aperture of the diaphragm, and with spasms of the esophagus itself. The provoking factor can serve as sharp and deep slopes of the trunk, strong attempts, as well as a prolonged finding of food at the entrance to the stomach. Burning in the area of ​​the heart, associated with problems in the gastrointestinal tract, is usually accompanied by nausea, eructation and vomiting.


Burning sensation in the left side of the chestCan be provoked by an age-related hormonal reorganization in the female body. Soreness usually accompanies sweating and wave-like heat throughout the body - the so-called hot flashes. Burning is not associated with physical exertion, rather, on the contrary, physical stress can remove discomfort and normalize the condition.

If burning in the chest is not accompanied by pain, andIs of the nature of menopausal hot flashes, a woman can do some simple exercises (squats, light jogging on the spot, body turns), and well-being will return to normal.

Shingles Herpes

If a person has not had chicken pox(Chickenpox) in childhood, being an adult, he can face such a disease as herpes zoster. Distinctive signs of the disease are bubble rashes in the rib area. During an exacerbation there is a burning sensation, and quite often also a pain behind a breast bone, that is perceived as a burning sensation in heart. To be engaged in a selftreatment in this case it is impossible, it is necessary to address immediately to the dermatologist or infektsionistu.

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