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WHY residents of Monaco called Monegasques

Why Monaco residents called Monegasques

Monaco - a tiny European principality, it is known for its economic stability, the amazing beauty of the Cote d'Azur, as well as the inhabitants of a strange name - Monegasque.

To find out why so-called citizens of Monaco, have to refer to history.

Who are the Monegasque

In fact, the Monegasques are called not farall residents of Monaco. This peculiar people, true, if I may say so, the citizens of this country. According to the 2008 census, in Monaco there are about 7634 people from the tribe of Monegasques, it is about 20% of the total population of the country. The rest of the population - it is French, Italians, Spaniards.
Language in Monegasques too special. This Ligurian dialect of the language, which, although similar to the Genoese dialect, but still came under the influence of the Nice dialect of Occitan language, which is spoken by some residents of Monaco.

History Monegasques

According to historical data, while in the territory ofeven nonexistent Principality of Monaco first settled by the Phoenicians. This happened around the X century BC Then here come the Greeks, to practice a special religious cult. They worshiped the god of fertility and male power, which, according to legend, was called Mono Okos. It is from this word in the future name of the tribe was formed.

famous Ocean Museum is located in Monaco, Prince Albert founded the first. This is where Cousteau began his great expedition.

There are legends that Monegasques with neighboring tribes worshiped the power of female fertility - the great mother-goddess. Such disagreement often led to military clashes.

Later, the Italians from Liguria, mixed withMonegasques, gave them their language. Eventually formed national identity Monegasques, their special traditions. Adverb Monegasques somewhat modified under the influence of the nearest neighbors, but then finally settled. Many Monegasque prefer to say it in their own language.

Tradition and privileges Monegasques

Today is considered the patron saint of the tribe MonegasquesSaint Devote, and therefore sacred to the inhabitants of the Principality is white, symbolizing purity and nobility, as the holy shroud. White clothes are mostly men. Red - is another important color signifying the blood of martyrs. But black is considered a sign of intuition and wisdom, it is considered in the Principality of female flowers.

It is believed that the name Monaco comes from the word "monk", which in Italian is pronounced monaco.

Monaco Monegasque as native citizens, havea number of privileges. For example, they can choose only the parliament. Also Monegasque tax exempt. They also have other benefits. If you were not born Monegasques that they become impossible. Even if brakosochetatsya representative of that nationality, in case of divorce "no root" partner immediately automatically lose all privileges Monegasques.

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