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WHY inflamed lymph nodes

Why inflamed lymph nodes

Lymph nodes play a huge role in protectingorganism. In essence, they are immune traps designed to kill pathogens by means of white blood cells - lymphocytes.

But sometimes these microorganisms so much that the cells can not cope with them.

As a result, inflamed lymph nodes, increasing in size and becoming painful to the touch.

Why inflamed lymph nodes

As a rule, the inflamed lymph node(Or multiple sites), which is closest to the source of infection. For example, the cervical lymph nodes are often inflamed in infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract, diseases of the teeth or the oral cavity, such as stomatitis. Occipital lymph nodes can become inflamed in traumatic injuries of the scalp, prootic - in infective conjunctivitis. Lymph nodes in the groin are often inflamed when leg injuries, as well as in the case of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.
The main symptom is inflammation of lymph nodes - theiran increase in size and tenderness. Often there is also the general weakness, fever. If the pain in the lymph nodes becomes very intense, and the skin in these places is red, then it started festering. In the event that such symptoms are accompanied by a sharp rise in temperature, chills, feeling of weakness strong, chances of a purulent lymphadenitis. It is necessary to see a doctor and begin treatment immediately. Typically, it involves taking analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents and antibiotics. As an additional means can recommend a cold compress on the area inflamed site. In some cases it is necessary to resort to surgery: open the lymph node and remove accumulated pus.

What if the inflamed lymph nodes

Note that increasing the size oftenlymph node or several nodes, is not a symptom of inflammation or any disease-causing processes in the body. If this increase is not pain, fever, then we can talk only about a more active work site. After a while its size should be back to normal. If this does not happen, or node sizes continue to increase, should seek medical advice.
If lymph node inflammation of the reason lies in thecolds, Echinacea can help you. 10 drops of tincture should be diluted in 100 g of boiling water. Means necessary to take 3 times a day. When inflammation of the lymph nodes in the groin area can take goldenseal powder Canadian with water. But in any case it is necessary to consult a specialist, because the lymph nodes can signal serious disease in our body.

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