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WHY Indians decorated their hats with feathers

Why Indians decorated their hats with feathers

In the minds of the European people Indian suit is always associated with feathers - they decorated Headband and weapons.

It should be remembered that the various tribes of Southand North America, their own traditions in the production and decoration of clothes, but in general there are several main reasons why bird feathers used the Indians.

Decorative elements

bird feathers were used exclusively fordecorating garments mainly Indians tropical forests of South America. It is home to many parrots with bright plumage. Therefore, colored feathers sewn on clothes or loincloths, with some tribes could only use certain colors, depending on the patron animal clan. Also, the feathers of parrots used to create necklaces and bracelets, jewelry hairstyles.

As durable fabric and leather dyes have been developed only in the last century, the people who lived previously, including Indians, to decorate clothing had to use what nature gives.

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tribe Symptom

Feathers of different birds could serve as a kind of Indiansidentification mark. The presence of such a "badge" is especially important in hot climates when extra clothes only inconvenience, and the bright feathers of a certain color to help distinguish their enemies from a distance. So the southern hemisphere Indians used them for their combat suits.

In North America, many tribes have their totem animal, sometimes a bird, so I think that part of this substance protects the person, if in any form is present in the decoration.

The feathers of birds used in ritual costumes Indians. It was believed that they help to get closer to the gods, as the birds closer to the sun.

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military glory

The clothes Native American feathersused as a military regalia. Their color and location to talk about winning the battles, enemies killed. For example, a pen stuck in the hair horizontally at the warlike Sioux meant that people did not give up at the sight of the enemy, and the vertical - that the enemy was killed with a single blow.

There was also a set of rules as itplaced feathers on clothes and hats. If the enemy had their throats cut, sharp tip covered with red paint. This "military" chronicle of a bit like a pile - storage system with nodules.

Such use of feathers in the Indian costume typical for the period of active development of the North American prairies by Europeans.

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Tribe member status

In some tribes (in South and NorthAmerica) the presence of feathers on their clothes, their number and location of spoke about the status of the individual. So, after the initiation of boys into men, or after the first hunt they were allowed to decorate the clothes embroidered with porcupine quills, shells or feathers.

Interestingly, the production of richly decorated festive robes instructed noble women of the tribe. Shamans and chieftains was the most beautiful and elegant clothes.

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