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Why in the popular Russian girls Germany

Why in the popular Russian girls Germany

International marriage today is not particularly rare.

Most often, abroad leave Russian girls and women. The most popular Turkey, North America and Western Europe.

In recent years, great attention to Russian beauties give young and not so male from Germany.

Modern Germany: especially love mentality

Modern German women actively denyTypically the "three K", reigned in the German houses of a few decades ago. It sounds simple: "? Kinder, K che, Kirche", which translated means "children, kitchen, church". Today, a young mother, a German as soon as possible trying to go to work, dividing the family and household responsibilities equally with her husband.
But the German struggle for equality has come a fewlong away. An increasing number of young women refuse marriage. They not only do not want to marry, but also carefully retard the time of birth. Some openly declare their desire to live life for yourself.

Many Germans were "friends" with their halves withschool. These relations are very strong and often turn into a real family. Those who could not create such a pair, it is necessary to enjoy the short-term bonds.

German men this approach to life is not verylike. Many lack the simple pleasures of family and women's heat. Among his compatriots to find a reliable wife and mother, the ability to make the house warm and comfortable, becomes more difficult every year.
Most Germans trying to avoidWomen-careerists. The man in the country wants to be somewhat higher than his lady in the financial (and, often, and social) plan. In Germany, among the stronger sex is almost impossible to meet gigolo or soderzhantsa.
The increase in the number of independent, freedom-lovingwomen forced the German men to pay attention to girls from other countries. Today in Germany are very frequent alliances between German and girls from Asian or African countries. However, the advantage remains with the beauties from Eastern Europe.

Russian woman for the German husband

Russian girls are big in Germanypopularity. And they are paying attention not only to former compatriots or their children. Modern radical Arians often wish to get acquainted with Russian relations and to create a family. However, it should be noted: the popularity of Russian women fanned some myths.
The Germans still believe that Russian womenIt combines the most suitable for quality family: humility, desire for motherhood, the ability to keep the house in order and prepare delicious. Slavic Also the fair sex are different beauty and charm, able to "keep a low profile" and are ready to take on any job.

Some men believe: Russian girl will be grateful to them for removal from the country and the provision of shelter. Very often Slav to become such men as cleaners and nannies, but not loved by women.

German man who believes in this way,It seeks to find a Russian wife. But to achieve the goal may not live up to expectations. Modern girls from Russia are able to appreciate themselves and rarely aspire to become a housewife in Germany. Like the Germans, Russian want to realize themselves outside the home, it is desirable - in a country with high living standards. For these purposes the perfect Germany.
If you wish to please a foreign princeOne should remember the old adage. Harmonious international (and not only) family relationships are obtained in two ways: either on the right calculation, where all pre-negotiated and none of the spouses is not in illusions with respect to another, or to a large sincere feelings. Self-deception and various omissions of any party will not bring desired.

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