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Why in the automotive kit perishable medicines

Why in the automotive kit perishable medicines

Car kit, along with a fire extinguisher is an important subject, which necessarily must remain in the car.

Kit is an important means of protection and assistance in times when every second counts.

Although the kit is not comparable to the provision of medicalassistance of qualified personnel, however, before the arrival of the ambulances will help provide maximum beneficial effect to the victim. It is therefore necessary to constantly monitor the presence of all compulsory subjects in it and for the shelf life of drugs.

Composition car kits

The composition of the kits include bandages, plasters, scissors,gloves and a respirator. From 1 July 2010, all the drugs excluded from the list. If desired, the composition can be supplemented with necessary medicines, but to do it not necessarily because the storage conditions in the vehicle are far from ideal, primarily because of the constant changes in temperature.

If you're still using the car first aid kit for the storage of drugs is necessary to very carefully monitor their condition.

General recommendations for the storage of medicines

Once a year, check the contents of the first aid kit and changepreparations, the shelf life of which has expired. Each package medications indicated shelf life, should also be considered that the extracted drug shelf life changes dramatically. Coloring and scented products (iodine, brilliant green, potassium permanganate) is desirable to be stored separately from other medicines. When exposed to high temperatures (this applies to those who keep the first aid kit in the car back under glass) iodine disappears, all medications are stored with it start to smell and yellow.

It is important to observe the conditions of storage of medicines.

If you do not like to read the instructions for usemedication, take a look at least at the end of the manual, there is always a specified storage conditions. Improper storage of medicines at least results in a loss of properties of the drug, and a maximum of - as a result of chemical reactions in the drug accumulate toxic substances.
Most of the medicines recommended to be stored ata temperature of 15 to 25C. Ideal storage - Closed dark place, away from heat sources, including those from the glass, which is heated by the sun. If the storage conditions specified drug "Store in a dry and cool place", it means that the medicine should be stored in the refrigerator. Consequently, the car first aid kit such drugs is better not to add.
Subject to the above recommendations,the driver will always feel confident and calm behind the wheel, because he can always rely on your car first aid kit. And on the roads will be safer.

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