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Why in Spain protesting miners

Why in Spain protesting miners

The strike of miners in Spain causeddissatisfaction with austerity measures began May 23, 2012. More than eight thousand workers are protesting against the reduction of government subsidies in the mining industry, which will hit the wallets of the miners.

A month after the beginning of the protests, strikes not only failed to subside, and become more aggressive.

In May, the Spanish government announced thatpartner countries on the Eurozone promise to help the Spanish banking system loan in the amount of 100 billion euros. By providing generous subsidies to banks, the government has put people on notice that to combat the crisis have to make certain sacrifices. In particular, the officials said that the program of austerity government subsidies to mining companies will be reduced by 190 million euros. This reduction in funding will result in the loss of thousands of jobs, as well as a negative impact on the development of miners' settlements.

In response to the reduction of the budget went to the minersstreets. They began a sit-in on the main square of Oviedo, the main administrative center of Asturias. Workers blocked the road connecting Asturias with other Spanish regions. "We will strike until the government will go to considerable concessions," - says Alfredo Gonzalez, a worker on strike at the mine near the town of Santa Cruz de Sil.

Protests supported by two minersthe country's largest trade unions Uni? n General de Trabajadores and the Confederation Sindical de Comisiones Obreras. In late May, the strike has been temporarily withdrawn, as the government announced its intention to make concessions. However, in the process of negotiating with the strikers, officials said the cuts are unavoidable because of the state budget deficit. Frustrated miners took to the streets again.

Four weeks of demonstrations and seatingstrikes, the situation escalated to the limit. Sixteen major roads of Asturias and the two main railway lines were barricaded disgruntled miners. Dozens of protesters were injured in clashes with police, some were behind bars. On the miners shot at law enforcement officers slingshots and even a homemade rocket launched them last week.

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