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Why in ancient Egypt the scarab beetle was considered sacred

Why in ancient Egypt the scarab beetle was considered sacred

Historically, the Egyptians in ancient times were pagans, and part of this religion with its rites and sacraments was transferred to the present.

So, modern residents of Egypt is still revered scarab beetle as a sacred deity and a symbol of wealth and good luck.


It is believed that if the purchase and figure beetlestore with the money, then they are sure to increase. If you want to lure into the house good luck, you should purchase a beetle figure on a pedestal, with his foot must have to touch it.

According to legend scarab crawled out of the nostrils of the god Osiris, which was seen as a symbol of the resurrection of the dead as soon as possible.


In ancient Egyptian scarab beetle Statevery honored, because he was considered the rising sun light. So, there were several sun-gods in Egyptian mythology. And one of them was the god of the morning rising sun Khepri, which was designated as a deity with the head of a scarab beetle.
Throughout his life, the scarab beetle is committed tomolds from the dunghill small balls with perfect form. When the ball takes the correct form, the beetle lays eggs there. He constantly rolls the ball in front of you within 28 calendar days of the trajectory, which is exactly the same sun. After 29 hours beetle throws the ball into the water, where it appears the offspring.
It is through this method of birthbeetle progeny, as well as a trajectory that coincides exactly with the solar orbit, the scarab was elevated to the rank of sacred insect. His vital functions associated with the ancient Egyptians, with the eternal mystery of birth and death, that embodies the sun.

Divine incarnation

God morning rising sun Khepri headscarab beetle was endowed with the ability to revive after death. Therefore, the scarab beetle was the mascot of the ancient Egyptians, not only throughout their lives, but after the departure of the other world because they believed that there is eternal life. It is this sense carried a scarab beetle.

In the manufacture of mummies in Egypt, it was decided to invest into the human heart a heart of stone or mineral with the image of a scarab, as a sign of rebirth and incorruptibility.

In addition, the scarab beetle, according toEgyptian mythology, embodied the trials that befell to share human, or rather his soul. Therefore, these beetles mummified and placed in a burial to accompany the soul in the other world.
In earthly life scarab beetle at the ancient inhabitantsEgypt is also a symbol of wisdom, which receives the pupil in the process of knowing the truth. It was believed that the persistence with which the beetle sculpts his balls should learn from people to achieve goals.

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