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WHY in ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle was considered sacred


Why in the ancient Egypt the beetle was considered sacred</a>

Historically, Egyptians were still pagans in ancient times and part of this religion, together with its rituals and sacraments, was transferred to the present.

Thus, modern Egyptians still revere the scarab beetle as a sacred deity and a symbol of wealth and luck.


It is believed that if you buy a figurine of a beetle andTo store together with money, they will necessarily increase. If you want to lure the house luck, then you should get a beetle figurine on the stand, and its paws must necessarily touch it.

According to the legend, the scarab crawled out of the nostrils of the god Osiris, which was perceived as a symbol of the speedy resurrection of the deceased.


In the Ancient Egyptian State, the Scarab beetleVery revered, because it was considered the light of the rising sun. So, in ancient Egyptian mythology, there were several solar gods. And one of them was the god of the morning rising sun Heprey, which was designated as a deity with the head of a beetle-scarab.
The whole life of the beetle-scarab is engaged in the fact thatHe makes small balls with an ideal shape from the dung heap. When the ball takes the right shape, the beetle lays eggs there. He tirelessly rolls the ball in front of him for 28 calendar days along the trajectory, which exactly repeats the sun. On day 29 the beetle throws a ball into the water, from where its offspring appear.
It is thanks to this method of birthThe beetle progeny, and also the trajectory, which exactly coincided with the solar orbit, the scarabs were elevated to the rank of sacred insects. His life activity was associated with the ancient Egyptians with the eternal mystery of birth and death, which embodied the Sun.

The Divine Incarnation

God of the morning rising sun Chepri with his headScarab beetle was endowed with the ability to reborn after death. Therefore, the scarab beetle was a talisman among the ancient Egyptians, not only throughout life, but after retiring to the world of another, because they believed that there is eternal life. It was this sense that carried the beetle in itself.

When making a mummy in Egypt, it was taken inside the human heart to invest a heart made of stone or mineral with the image of a scarab as a sign of incorruptibility and rebirth.

In addition, the beetle, according toAncient Egyptian mythology, personified the trials that fell to the lot of a man, or rather his soul. Therefore, these beetles were mummified and placed in burials, so that he accompanied the soul in the world otherwise.
In the life of a terrestrial beetle scarab from ancient inhabitantsEgypt also symbolized the wisdom that the disciple receives in the process of knowing the truth. It was believed that the persistence with which the beetle molds its balls must be adopted by people to achieve the goals.

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