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Why hurt your feet

When your feet hurt, and each step is given to pain, people just fall out of active life. I want only one thing - soon relieve the condition.

In most cases, the pain associated with uncomfortable shoes - too narrow or wide shoes, high heel or the wrong size.

But sometimes pain in the feet can be a sign of illness, sometimes very serious.

Local causes of pain in the feet

Heel spur (plantar fasciitis) appearsvery unpleasant pain when walking. So it called shipoobrazny bone outgrowth on the plantar surface of the calcaneus. Sprawl compresses the soft tissues of the foot and causes a characteristic painful heel pain. Fasciitis is the most common cause of pain when walking. It can provoke obesity, excessive exercise on foot, flat, uncomfortable shoes.
Traumatic injuries of the foot andaccompanied by pain. Most sprains of the feet combined with other injuries - a broken ankle, torn ligaments, injuries of the capsule of the ankle joint. the feet swell at the site of injury, there is an acute pain.
Flat feet - a common cause of pain in the feet. When flatfoot arch of the foot is lowered and it loses its shock-absorbing function. Pain occurs even when standing. This condition is more often acquired, to his cause overload legs, rickets, carrying heavy loads, excess weight, injury of the foot or ankle bone.

Pain in the foot can be the result of soft tissue injuries - corns, ingrown nails, plantar warts.

Physical overexertion during sports activities, being on their feet during the working day also of the law-governed fatigue and pain.
With age, the fat tissue in the head areametatarsal bone becomes thinner, which reduces the shock-absorbing function of the foot. As a result, it could begin bursitis - inflammation of periarticular bags. State accompanied by noticeable pain.

Pain in the feet as a sign of common diseases

Rodonalgia, a rare disease that affects middle-aged men. It is accompanied by redness and burning pain of the foot. In severe cases, can lead to disability.
An attack of gout causes a sharp throbbingpain, often in the big toe. Finger may swell and redden. Gout is the most painful form of arthritis. Often the disease is provoked by the abuse of diuretics that remove fluid from the body and at the same time increase the level of uric acid.
Rheumatoid arthritis is manifested, among other symptoms, pain, or inflammation of the front of the foot. This is a serious autoimmune disease that is difficult to diagnose.
Some women suffer from anotherautoimmune disease - Raynaud's disease. Under the influence of the patient's foot spazmiruyutsya cold, there is a strong throbbing pain in the toes. After warming the blood flow is restored, but the pain continues.
If the infringement of the nerve innervating the foot painIt will be felt throughout the nerve path. Various neuropathies cause intermittent pain in the feet acute, burning and shooting character. If your feet hurt just walking or load, it may be a manifestation of chronic calcium deficiency (osteopathy).

Occasionally the cause of pain in the feet can bebenign tumor of nerve tissue - Morton's neuroma. It usually affects the base of the third or fourth toe, and is typical for women. First, there is a burning sensation, tingling, if the tumor progresses, the pain in the foot worse.

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