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Why hurt eyebrows

Why hurt eyebrows

Pain in the superciliary arches is a symptom of rhinitis, sinusitis or sinusitis.

It arises from the difficulty of outflow of mucus in nosolobny channel.

Mucus with pathogenic microbes accumulates in the frontal sinuses, causing an infectious inflammation, pressure and pain.

Chronic sinusitis

Front is the inflammation of the mucous membrane in thefrontal sinuses. There are two forms of the disease: catarrhal and purulent, in which pus accumulated inside initiates infection and causes difficulty in breathing. Also, the disease can be divided into unilateral or bilateral front, depending on the localization of the disease.
Acute sinusitis is characterized by increased tenderness when you press on the eyebrows or eyebrow itself. Pain may also be given in the area of ​​the eye, causing a feeling of pressure and an unpleasant burning sensation.

The disease has a wave-like nature and often exacerbation alternating with temporary remissions.

Diagnosis and treatment

For diagnosis the patient is assignedX-ray examination of the frontal sinuses. After examining the patient, the doctor will prescribe treatment according to the severity of symptoms and the amount of accumulated mucus.

Treatment of rhinosinusitis (sinusitis, rhinitis and sinusitis) is carried out comprehensively supervised by the attending physician.

If untreated, the disease takesprotracted and can cause partial or even complete loss of smell. This can hurt not only the eyebrows, and sinuses. Due to the ongoing septic process may have an unpleasant smell from the nose, which is characteristic for purulent diseases.
Also, meningitis can occur - cerebral edemamembranes. The disease can cause death if left untreated or have a serious impact on human health in the future, cause serious neurological symptoms and complications. In severe cases of sinusitis and phlebitis also occurs, causing sepsis, which is no less dangerous because of the high probability of death at the untimely delivery of health care.

In Indian traditional medicine, pain in the superciliary arches is an indicator of the presence of inflammatory processes in the stomach.

When the symptom of pain afterclicking on the eyebrows should contact your doctor for advice. As a rule, all rhinosinusitis treated on an outpatient basis. It is necessary to ensure the outflow of pus from the sinuses to block inflammation and further destruction of pathogenic environment with the exact function of various medicines. Prescribe antibiotics, antipyretics, vitamins, vasoconstrictor drops (to improve the road), nasal lavage cuckoo, and in some cases, and puncture (puncture) of the sinuses. In particularly severe cases, the patient may be admitted to the ENT department.

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