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Why do the superciliary arches hurt?


Why the brow arches hurt</a>

Pain in the brow arches is a symptom of rhinitis, frontal sinus or sinusitis.

It arises from the difficulty of the outflow of mucus into the nasophilic canal.

Mucus with pathogenic microbes accumulates in the frontal sinuses, causing infectious inflammation, increased blood pressure and pain.

Chronic Frontitis

Frontite is an inflammation of the mucous membrane inFrontal sinuses. There are two forms of the disease: catarrhal and purulent, in which accumulated inside pus initiates infection and causes difficulty in breathing. Also, the disease can be divided into a unilateral or bilateral frontitis, depending on the localization of the disease.
Acute frontitis is characterized by increased soreness by pressing the brow ridges or the eyebrow itself. Pain can also give to the eye area, causing a feeling of pressure and unpleasant burning.

The disease has a wavy character and its exacerbations often alternate with temporary remissions.

Diagnosis and treatment

To make a diagnosis, the patient is assignedX-ray examination of the frontal sinuses of the nose. After examining the patient, the doctor prescribes treatment in accordance with the severity of symptoms and the amount of accumulated mucus.

Treatment of rhinosinusitis (sinusitis, rhinitis and frontal sinusitis) is carried out in a complex under the supervision of the attending physician.

In the absence of treatment, the disease takesA protracted character and can cause a partial or even complete loss of smell. In this case, not only the superciliary arches, but also the paranasal sinuses can be ill. Because of the ongoing purulent processes, there may be an unpleasant odor from the nose, which is characteristic for purulent diseases.
Meningitis may also occur - cerebral edemaShells. The disease can cause death if untreated or have a serious impact on human health in the future, triggering serious neurological symptoms and complications. In severe cases of frontalitis, phlebitis also arises, causing sepsis, which is no less dangerous because of the high probability of death if untimely medical care is provided.

In Indian traditional medicine, pain in the superciliary arches serves as an indicator of the presence of inflammatory processes in the stomach.

When there is a symptom of pain afterPressing on the superciliary arches should consult a doctor for advice. As a rule, all rhinosinusitis are treated on an outpatient basis. It is necessary to provide an outflow of pus from the sinuses in order to block further inflammation and destroy the pathogenic environment through the precise appointment of various medications. Antibiotics, antipyretic agents, vitamins, vasoconstricting drops (to improve patency), washing the nose with the cuckoo, and in some cases, puncture (puncture) of the sinuses are prescribed. In especially severe cases, the patient may be hospitalized in the ENT department.

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