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WHY Hockey League could cancel the limit on foreign players on the 2014 Olympics

Vladislav Tretiak (left) and Alexander Medvedev consider the possible number of foreign players?

2014 Olympics and her team performanceRussia became a true "watershed" between the FHR (Russian Hockey Federation), headed by the renowned Soviet goalie Vladislav Tretiak and led by businessman Alexander Medvedev, the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League).

Especially on the issue of the number of foreign players in the KHL clubs.

In supporting roles

Up hockey power until 2008 oncarried out in Russia public organization of FHR. But since the season-2008/2009, it became almost a secondary discharged, an auxiliary function. And to the honorable role of the "top five" started to go commercial KHL, the birth with the help of "Gazprom" structure, and another legend of Russian hockey - Senator Vyacheslav Fetisov.

Over time, the KHL has collected at the top teamsNot only Russia, but also several countries of the continent - Belarus, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Thus, not only becoming a real legislator of the European hockey fashion, but also challenging the North American NHL (National Hockey League). And its high international status confirmed the invitation of a number of well-known players from the same NHL. For example, Russians Ilya Kovalchuk and the Czech forward Jaromir Jagr.

Every Russian club and their current KHLseason there are 22 out of 28 has the right, under paragraph 1.1 of Article 33 of Chapter 7 Sporting Regulations, incorporate and release the site for at least five foreign players. That is, players who do not have Russian passports and civilian are not able to play for the Russian national team. The remaining six League clubs - Ukrainian "Donbass", Latvian and Belarusian "Dinamo", Croatian "Medveščak" Czech "Lion" and Slovak "Slovan" - an opportunity to have any number of foreigners, only a limited payroll.

Sticks of contention

It is not quite fair divisionin which the Russian teams have to play with these teams in the world, and become the first item on the current differences between the KHL and continues to be responsible for the development of hockey in the territory of the country of FHR.
First, taking care above all about profitabilityof the project and maintaining the already high international status, it insists on the highest possible increase in the number of foreign players in Russian clubs. In particular, thanks to the so-called institute of dual citizenship.

The position of President of the Continental Hockey LeagueAlexander Medvedev is, in particular, that do not need to artificially eliminate competition and to play in the league have the best on the principle of sport.
According to the leaders of many Russian clubs,now it is easier and cheaper to buy ready-foreign hockey because of the limited price limit on the pupils of the Russian hockey is not comparable with the quality of their training. Yes, and the appearance of a part of quality foreign players not only significantly strengthen their team, but also to attract new fans, to increase the flow of money.

Medvedev supported the position and spent severalseasons in Omsk "Vanguard" Jaromir Jagr. The leader of the Czech national team at the Olympics believes that in order to KHL could compete with the NHL, it lacks the high-level players, and therefore limit must be removed.

A second party - RHF - declares thatTeams from Russia are not exactly the same position with the same "Medveščak" and "Donbass", and it seriously violates the principle of sport. To some extent in agreement with Tretiak and domestic clubs, rightly observes that it is now difficult to fight on equal terms with competitors that have the right to issue on ice for two dozen artists from Canada and the United States.

Moreover, increasing the number of Legionnaires byAccording to Tretyakov, may block the way to a great many talented hockey Russians and seriously affect the formation and composition of the team of Russia. After all, her coaches will simply have nowhere to take skilled players, able to withstand the Canadian and American NHL stars at the Olympics and world championships.

Eyes on Sochi

On the eve of the Sochi Olympics Vladislav TretiakHe said that in the season-2014/2015 limit on foreign players could be reduced to four. But this question, experts say, is largely dependent on the result of performance of the Russian national team and will be discussed only after the completion of the Games.

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