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WHY heavily swollen upper eyelid

Why greatly swollen upper eyelid

Some people face the problem of the swelling of the upper eyelids, especially in the morning after sleep. This is the swelling can occur for a variety of reasons.

Determine the disease can be a doctor, so the diagnosis is better to turn to him.

Because some diseases can severely swell upper eyelids

Often, the swelling of the upper eyelids suggests onlyof fatigue, wrong mode of work and rest. But eyes can swell because of the disease, including serious enough. Therefore, you should definitely see a doctor and get tested.
Very often, edema of the eyelids - a symptom of diseasekidneys, heart, endocrine glands, which caused changes in the hormonal (especially thyroid). The upper eyelids may also swell due to acute respiratory infections, sinusitis. A very common cause of swelling and itching over the eyes - an allergic reaction to some external stimulus. For example, allergic dermatitis is often accompanied by edema. In this case, can not Patriotic two eyes, but, for example, only right.

In women, the swelling of the upper eyelids can occur due to allergies Mismatched cosmetics - cream, eye shadow, mascara.

As determine the cause of the swelling eyelids andassign (if necessary), treatment may only be a doctor, you should seek medical advice. However, at home, you can conduct a test, for example, to make up the eyelashes mascara and see their reaction. By process of elimination you tap allergen.

Swelling of the eyelids - a signal the body's alarm

One of the most common causes of swelling of the eyelids- Banal fatigue, lack of sleep. Especially often this trait manifests itself in people who have to sit for long periods at a computer. And if at the same workplace is poorly lit, causing the eyes get an additional burden, edema of the eyelids is almost inevitable.

In this case it is necessary to organize a mode of day, paying special attention to proper rest. When working at the computer screen from time to time it is necessary to give a respite eyes.

Swelling may occur due to excessive fluid consumption, especially in the evening, or food, contributing to fluid retention in the body - salted, smoked, pickled.
Sometimes edema of the eyelids - a consequence of UVirradiation obtained in vivo or in solarium. Some women may also appear edema of the eyelids due to hormonal changes during menstruation. Elderly people often have swelling century due to natural aging changes that occur in the body.
Finally, the cause of swelling of the upper eyelids may be a genetic predisposition. If the parents are often swollen eyelids, with a high degree of probability, the child will have the same problems.

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