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WHY heated computer

Why is heated computer

Rapid heating of the system unit or laptop user should be cause for concern.

This indicates that the device is likely there is a malfunction caused by any of the internal components.

fan failure

Overheating can be caused by problems withfan (cooler) on the computer. All computers are installed inside the fan, which is triggered when the device reaches a certain temperature. However, these components can fail for several reasons. One of the main causes of problems with the cooler is in the long term of its use. Fan, like any other electronic device that is subject to wear. Furthermore, it can become clogged with dust and other small particles which because of slow or stops completely. As a result, it becomes hot enough computer components cool, causing strong heating of the body.

The problems with the fan could say the presence of loud noise from the system case or the absence of air, which usually comes out through the vents.

Problems with the processor

When you overload the CPU computerIt can also be heated strongly, especially if you work with several demanding applications, such as computer games. It is available in the attached instructions to the device, what the temperature of the processor heat is critical, otherwise it can burn if you do not follow the sensor (available in the BIOS settings and special applications). Such a problem can call and overheating GPU.

Do not "overclock" the processor up to higher frequencies. Perhaps this will add to it a little bit of performance, but it significantly increases the risk of overheating.


The environment in which you usecomputer, can also contribute to overheating. For example, if your device is under direct sunlight or near a heat source - sink or ventilation system, the possibility of overheating increases.

Uneven surfaces

Another cause overheating, especially inlaptops, is to work on uneven or soft surfaces. Notebooks and computer cases are designed to be placed on a flat surface that allows heat to freely escape from the back or side. When the device is on an uneven surface, heat is not properly leaves and collects in the housing. The problem is compounded if are blocked vents.

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