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WHY heated car

Why is heated machine

Problems in one compartment of the transport device can disable the entire car.

If you feel that the temperature of your vehicle is higher than usual, and it goes on from time to time, it is necessary to find out the reason why the car heats up more unpleasant consequences.



Before checking why the temperaturethe engine of your car suddenly began to rise, take the necessary security measures: Turn off the stove and go by the wayside. Open the hood and wait out a time to give a little to cool the overheated engine. In no case did not cool the engine with ice water, as in this case, you risk destroying the engine parts under harsh temperature differences.


The most innocuous reason that heatscar - a clogged radiator grilles. The radiator may be clogged inside the engine as a result of use of water and outside due adhered insects, dust and other problems. All that dirt does not allow the radiator to cool the pipes due to the outside air.


To correct the problem looming, is sufficient to wash the radiator. You can do it yourself using a high pressure hose or apply to the car wash.


Most often, motorists are faced with the challengeEngine overheating due to defective operation of the cooling system. This is due to the fact that most of your car cooling system is not enough liquid. Open the expansion tank (when the engine is cold).


If the liquid level in the tank is less thanis required, inspect the other parts of the engine: the connecting tube, the surface of the radiator, water pump (pump). Finding these items stains and find out the reason, eliminate at least during this defect, add coolant to the tank. Before you continue your journey, get the engine and check whether the problem is resolved completely.

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