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WHY HE warms up the car


Why the machine is heated</a>

Problems in one compartment of the transport device can disable the entire vehicle.

If you feel that the temperature of your vehicles is higher than usual, and this continues from time to time, it is worth finding out the reason why the car is warming up to more unpleasant consequences.



Before you check why the temperatureThe motor of your car suddenly began to rise, take the necessary security measures: turn off the stove and go to the roadside. Open the hood cover and wait for a while to allow the engine to cool slightly. Do not cool the engine with ice water, as in this case you risk destroying the engine parts under a sharp temperature difference.


The most innocuous reason for heatingThe car is the clogging of the radiator grilles. The radiator can become clogged both inside, as a result of using the engine on the water, and outside due to adherent insects, dust and other troubles. All this dirt does not allow the radiator tubes to cool by external air.


To fix the impending problem, it is enough to rinse the radiator itself. You can do it yourself, using a hose with a lot of pressure, or contact a car wash.


Most often motorists face a problemOverheating of the engine due to poor performance of the cooling system. This is due to the fact that the cooling system of your car does not have enough fluid. Open the cap of the expansion tank (when the engine has cooled down).


If the liquid level in the container is less thanInspect the remaining engine parts: connecting pipes, radiator surface, liquid pump (pump). Having found out on these details leaks and, having found out the reason, eliminate even for a while this defect, add cooling liquid in a tank. Before continuing the way, start the engine and check if the problem is completely eliminated.

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