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WHY hard disk named hard drive

Why is the hard disk named hard drive

The word "hard drive" is often used in the name of the computer's hard disk. It may seem that the device has received the second name on the last name of its developer.

However, this is not so.

How different it is called hard disks?

Hard drives had different masses worthynames, and the hard drive - not only among them. Thus, in the old textbooks on computer science figured abbreviation HDD, which stands for "Hard disk drive". Price-list of computer stores contain other cut - HDD (Hard Disc Drive). It is also used in the computer's memory. It is also possible shortened name - Hard Drive. But on hearing the users it remains the word "Winchester" and derived from it - "screw" and "Winch".

The true key word "Winchester"

In fact, the hard drive called the USrifle, which was used in the days of the Wild West. This information may seem surprising to many, because the metal box with magnetic disks is unlikely to somehow compete with firearms.
The drive also has been named due to hard driveUS firm IBM, which released in 1973, a hard disk. Experts of the company who worked on this production, created a model of 3340. It is the first time contained a disc plate and the read head in a single package. They did not touch each other through a layer of air flow, generated by rapid rotation. While working on the device, the engineers used the internal name - "30-30". These figures suggest the presence of 30 sectors and tracks.
In those days, in the United States produced a hunting rifleWinchester. It charges the bullets that took the caliber 7.62 mm. Marking this cartridge was as follows: Winchester 30-30. The figures contained in this marking coincides with the working title, which was given to the hard disk. Continuing the analogy, our development engineers also came to be called the hard disk.
As for the rifle, it is calledWinchester model 94. In this case, the weapons produced and other firms, in particular, Remington. In most cases, the rifle used for hunting big game. Then the US government restricted the use of these weapons ammunition for hunting. As a consequence, the demand has fallen sharply gun. It is now becoming mostly collectors.
In Europe and the United States the word "HDD" to the hard disk is no longer consumed. The Russian language name is semi-official, and slang commonly use the word "screw", "Winch" and even "broom".

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